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Document Centre Results
2016 - 2017 Office Bearers Form (06/10/2014) Publications
2017 Citizen & Young Citizen of Year Nomination Form (15/09/2017) Publications
Age Friendly Community Plan (04/05/2016) Publications
Age Friendly Community Plan Draft Report (10/02/2016) Publications
Application for Extractive Industry Lot 3 Rowes Road (24/07/2018) Publications
Application to Install a Domestic System 2013-14 (29/07/2014) Publications
Badgingarra Sales Brochure (27/02/2014) Publications
Bashford Street Upgrade Concept Plan Workshop (19/01/2015) Publications
Beachridge Swale Report for residents (24/02/2015) Publications
Citizen of the Year Nomination Form 2017 - word (01/12/2017) Publications
Community Engagement Plan (22/07/2015) Publications
Community Grants Program Application (03/04/2017) Publications
Community Information Board Application Form (20/09/2016) Publications
Corporate Business Plan 2016 - 2020 (15/09/2016) Publications
Customer Feedback Form (27/02/2014) Publications
Customer Service Charter (05/06/2019) Publications
DAIP Summarised Version (03/08/2016) Publications
Delegation Register 2022 (16/03/2022) Publications
Disability Access Inclusion Plan 2016 - 2020 (13/09/2016) Publications
Draft Beach Closure Policy (27/07/2018) Publications
Draft Indian Ocean Drive Planning Guideline (27/02/2014) Publications
Fire Weather Zone Map (27/02/2014) Publications
Food Premises Notification & Registration Form 2013 (27/02/2014) Publications
Harvest & Vehicle Movement Ban SMS Notification (Web Form) (28/04/2022) Publications
Harvest and Vehicle Ban SMS Notification (printable form) (24/10/2017) Publications
Heritage Survey Report of Radar Station 48 North Head Jurien Bay (07/12/2016) Publications
Joint Development Assessment Panel - 16 August 2012 Minutes (27/02/2014) Publications
Jurien Bay Aerodrome Conditions of Use and Standard Operating Procedures (20/01/2017) Publications
Jurien Bay Aerodrome Development Plan (27/02/2014) Publications
Jurien Bay Entry Statement Submission Caroline Salmon (19/01/2015) Publications
Jurien Bay Entry Statement Submission ICAN (19/01/2015) Publications
Jurien Bay Regional Airport Executive Summary (27/02/2014) Publications
Jurien Bay Town Centre Strategy Outcome Report (27/02/2014) Publications
Kite Surfing Instructing Planning Consent Cervantes (21/01/2015) Publications
Leeuwin Scholarship Application form (03/04/2017) Publications
Leeuwin Scholarship Information Pack (03/04/2017) Publications
Leeuwin Voyage Program 2017 (03/04/2017) Publications
Lot 62 Roberts Street Jurien Bay Local Development Plan (V1) (05/07/2016) Publications
Markyt Community Scorecard Report 2018 (27/11/2018) Publications
Media Release - Shires take step to plan for coastal erosion (04/05/2017) Publications
Media Release Honorary Freeman of the Shire of Dandaragan Mr Gary Snook (11/02/2015) Publications
Municipal Inventory (27/02/2014) Publications
nbn comes to the Shire of Dandaragan (05/05/2016) Publications
Policy 7.4 Street Trees and Streetscapes (06/06/2019) Publications
Proposed 2012 / 2013 Differential Rates - Objects and Reasons (27/02/2014) Publications
Proposed Flight Training School (03/01/2017) Publications
Public Events Application form (10/04/2019) Publications
Public Events Support Information (28/05/2019) Publications
Rates Change of Address Form (30/03/2016) Publications
Report on the archaeological investigations of Radar Station 48, North Head, Jurien Bay for the Shire of Dandaragan - May 2018 (31/07/2018) Publications
Shire of Dandaragan - Declaration on Climate Change (27/02/2014) Publications
Shire of Dandaragan Bike Network Plan 2015 - 2020 (14/07/2015) Publications
Shire of Dandaragan Community Grant Acquittal Statement Form 2017/18 (04/07/2017) Publications
Shire of Dandaragan Local Planning Strategy Rural Land Use (27/02/2014) Publications
Shire of Dandaragan Wedding Application (10/04/2019) Publications
Social Impacts Study - Business Owners and the Travelling Workforce Transport Survey (27/02/2014) Publications
Social Impacts Study - Community Traffic Survey (27/02/2014) Publications
Strategic Community Plan 2016 -2026 (15/09/2016) Publications
TCVC Business Plan Final (08/01/2018) Publications
Tronox SOD SRFF Acquittal Form 2017-18 (27/10/2017) Publications
Tronox SOD SRFF Acquittal Form 2017-18 (14/11/2017) Publications
Tronox SOD SRFF Grant Application 2016-17 (18/04/2016) Publications
Tronox SOD SRFF Grant Application 2017-2018 (03/04/2017) Publications
Tronox SOD SRFF Grant Guidelines 2016-17 (18/04/2016) Publications
Tronox SOD SRFF Grant Guidelines 2017-2018 (03/04/2017) Publications
Turquoise Coast Regional Airport MasterPlan (23/07/2014) Publications
Western Power - Electricity Network Improvements (27/02/2014) Publications
What Do The New Cat Laws Mean For You And Your Feline Friend (27/02/2014) Publications
Where_To_Stay_Where-To-Eat (09/09/2016) Publications
Youth Plan 2018-2023 (Draft) (12/12/2018) Publications
Youth Plan Appendices A & B (Draft) (12/12/2018) Publications