Local Government Elections

Under the Local Government Act 1995, to be eligible to nominate as a candidate for a local government election, the candidate must be

  • 18 or over
  • Enrolled as an elector of the district
  • Cannot be a nominee of body corporate
  • Have completed the mandatory online candidate induction course https://www.dlgsc.wa.gov.au/
  • Is not a candidate in another election for councillor

A person cannot nominate as a candidate if they are:

  • A member of parliament
  • An insolvent under administration
  • Convicted of a crime and is in prison serving a sentence for that crime
  • Convicted in the preceding 5 years of a serious local government offence
  • Have been convicted of an offence for which the penalty was imprisonment for more than 5 years
  • An elected member of another local government
  • Misapplication of funds or property