Parking and Vehicle Control 

Rangers monitor parking including safety around our towns to ensure the safe flow of traffic. They also arrange the removal of abandoned vehicles in public areas and respond to illegal off road vehicle use. 

Parking rules

ACROD Parking

These bays are for people with disabilities and issued with an ACROD permit, which must be current and fully visible. People who do not hold a current ACROD and are parked in a disabled bay can incur a $500.00 infringement.

Footpaths and Pedestrian Crossings

Vehicles must not park on or over any footpath or pedestrian crossing.

Parking on Verges

You must not park on a verge without the consent of the owner or occupier. You cannot stop a vehicle (other than a bicycle), bus, trailer or caravan unattached to a motor vehicle when any portion of it is on a verge. This does not apply to the person if they are the owner or occupier of the premises or are authorised by the owner or occupier of the premises to stop the vehicle with any portion of it on the verge.

How to apply for an ACROD Permit

ACROD Parking Permits are managed through the National Disability Services ACROD Parking Program. Applicants will be required to complete the application form on the ACROD website.

Please Note: ACROD Parking Permits are not assessed or approved by Ranger Services.

Abandoned vehicle

A vehicle that is left unattended and stationary on any public land may be deemed to be abandoned. 

What can be done if I see an abandoned vehicle?

The details of the vehicle and location can be reported to the Shire of Dandaragan Ranger Services.

Impounded vehicles

When a vehicle is impounded, Shire Officers contact the last known registered owner to advise of the vehicle's whereabouts. Should the owner wish to reclaim their vehicle, they will be required to pay the necessary fee prior to release. An infringement may be issued. 

Vehicle Impound Fees

Towage Costs plus $100 day one and $20 per day thereafter.  All fees can be paid at the Shire of Dandaragan Administration Office or by direct arrangement with a Ranger out of business hours.

Off road vehicles

The use of trail bikes, quads and other off-road vehicles is prohibited on public land in the Shire of Dandaragan. Trail riding on beaches, foreshores is also prohibited. These activities should be reported to Ranger Services immediately on (08) 9652 0800.

Riding on private property is allowed provided you have written permission from the land owner.

Riding unlicensed vehicles on the road or footpath is extremely dangerous and should be reported to police immediately.