Badgingarra Truck Stop and Sample Station

As part of its 2020/2021 Capital Works program, the Shire of Dandaragan recently completed the widening and sealing of the Badgingarra Truck Bay on Meagher Drive, including the relocation of the Co-operative Bulk Handing (CBH) Grain Sample Bin to this same location, through the engagement of local contractors.

The Badgingarra community requested this project through the Envision 2029 engagement process.

The widening of the truck bay allows RAV 4 rated vehicles, in particular harvest vehicles wanting access to the grain sampling bin, to now access the truck bay off Brand Highway onto Meagher Drive.  The new seal works also allows these vehicles to turn back onto Meagher Drive, for access back to the Brand Highway.

Main Roads WA propose to upgrade their intersection from Brand Highway on Meagher Drive sometime in the future which will further benefit these RAV-rated vehicles in accessing Meagher Drive and the Badgingarra truck bay.