LibraryCraft is a free Minecraft Server for WA players aged 7 to 17. The server is provided by multiple WA local governments and is safe, secure and moderated.

There are multiple worlds connected by portals, to allow for various styles of gameplay.  Enter worlds like Survival Mode, Creative Mode and Monthly Competitions, as well as PVP combat, Spleef, Skyblock, Racing, and more.

You will need your own copy of Minecraft to play – it is available on PC, iOS, Android, Windows 10, Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

For more information and to join, check out


May Treehouse Competition – Results

The moderators have cast their votes, the votes have been tallied and here’s the top three! They had 16 entries this round.

May Treehouse Competition


June Winter Competition – Results

The moderators have done another round of voting so here are the top three for June! They had over 25 entries this round. That’s huge!

June Winter Competition Results


July and Emerald Points Season 1 - Results

July’s Gates competition is complete, the votes are in and have been tallied, and it’s also the end of the first Emerald Points season!

Jul and Emerald Points Season 1


LIBRARY CRAFT August Build Competition – Underwater Bases – with the WA Maritime Museum!

In August we’re teaming up with the WA Maritime Museum to celebrate National Science Week (15th-23rd August). 2020’s theme is Deep Blue, so we’re asking you to build your best Underwater Base. Builds must be themed around one of the following topics:

  • Research Base (underwater research in shallow and deep water)
  • Camouflaged Base (hiding from the monsters of the deep)
  • Exploration Base (searching for a new place to live)

We have created a brand new custom world just for this competition, with huge 100×100 sized water plots. Each plot has a small section of beach. 

The WA Maritime Museum has provided some extra video content from a recent deep sea exploration expedition in WA to get the creativity started - this is available to all in-game players. You'll also get the opportunity to ask a question or two of the WAMM Expedition team, and WAMM are also putting up a couple of special prizes:

  • 1st place will receive a 300 X 8-LED USB Digital Microscope
  • 2nd & 3rd places will receive a 25 X Brass Monocular Spyglass each.

In order to qualify for the prizes, a question must be submitted to the Server Owner by August 2nd, for the Expedition team to answer.

More information and the full rules are available on the LibraryCraft website, and in game on the August world.



Please come back soon for more info.


Please come back soon for more info.


Please come back soon for more info.