Urban Environment

Street Trees

The Shire of Dandaragan recognises that trees play an integral role in the aesthetic and tree environmental aspects of streetscapes within the Shire, however, in some cases, the retention of all trees might not be feasible, reasonable or desirable.

The Street Trees and Streetscapes Policy has been formulated to ensure that the Shire of Dandaragan manages and maintains street trees in accordance to best practices and to allow for their protection and preservation, whilst ensuring the public safety is not compromised.

If you would like a Street Tree on the verge outside of your property, please complete the Streetscape Application Form and follow the instructions on where to submit for consideration and approval.


There are approximately 8km of swale drains in Beachridge, on every street. The Shire are working through renovating each swale to rejuvenate the old vegetation that was there. Established trees are being planted throughout the area and then hand watered to give a greater chance of survival. The outcome of the renovations is expected to achieve the following

  • Increase the aesthetic appearance of the area
  • Decrease snakes from inhabiting the swales
  • Provide wind breaks throughout the area
  • Provide shade to reduce the impact of heating throughout the suburb thus reducing power usage


The Shire is actively greening verges where appropriate with specific tree types and encourages residents to apply for trees or shrubs to be planted in the verges of their property. Agreement between the Shire and the landholder is established and requires the land holder to water and maintain the vegetation and the Shire will supply the trees/shrubs free of charge.