Planning an Event

The role of the Shire of Dandaragan, as the approving body for events held on Shire of Dandaragan land, is to ensure all reasonable and practical precautions are taken by any event organiser, to protect the health and safety of patrons, the amenity of surrounding residents, and the protection of public venues.

These guidelines will provide event coordinators and community groups with information and links to resources for events, information for operational procedures, statutory and legal requirements as well as event management requirements.  It will assist you in assessing what information to present with your application for a Shire of Dandaragan Public Events Approval Permit.  The size and nature of the event will determine what issues need to be addressed.

Whether an event is private or accessible to the public, if the event takes place in any of the Shire's public spaces, you will be required to obtain an event permit.

A public space is land owned by or managed by Council and can include:

  • Sports grounds and facilities
  • Public reserve, garden or open space where the public are permitted access
  • Street, footpath, laneway, car park
  • Water ways
  • Crown land

Applying for an Event Permit

If the event is to be held in a public space, the Shire of Dandaragan's events team can assist via an application process.  This is done through our Community Development area who will allocate an officer who will assist you through the process of assessing and issuing a permit.  The permit will outline information on availability, conditions, regulations and other approvals required.  The size and number of people attending your event may impact the requirements provided by the Shire, this is to ensure all patrons are attending a safe event area.  

An event application should be submitted at least 8 weeks prior to your event, however should the event be considered large or high risk, an application can be made up to 12 months in advance. 

Use this form if you are organising a private or public event on Shire-owned / managed land:

Public Events Application form

Use this form if you are organising a wedding on Shire-owned / managed land:

Wedding Event Application form

Download the Public Events Support Information for large events only. 

In addition to requiring a permit, event organisers may also require specific approval from Council or state government departments. E.g. Police, Main Roads, Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor.

Please note, requests for operational support from Shire staff will be assessed throughout this process.  If event coordinators require additional bins or equipment from the Shire, this may be approved, however collection and drop off is the responsibility of the event coordinator and should be organised with the officer processing your event application.

Application forms should be returned via email to

Booking a Park or Site for your Event

All Shire-owned land and parks require a booking to be made.  When completing a Public Events Application form, please indicate which site (building, park, beach, etc.) you would like to book by indicating on the form, otherwise call 9652 0800 and speak with the Community Development Officer.  Bookings will be held for three weeks only, prior to an Application being received.  Once an event application is received and a permit is issued, your venue is considered confirmed.  Application forms should be emailed to

If you would like to book rooms in the Jurien Bay Education and Conference Centre (behind the CRC), these can be done here.

Will there be Food Stalls at your Event?

Events that will sell or serve food, or provide food vendors at an event will need to ensure that food standards meet the Western Australian Department of Health regulations, hold a public liability insurance certificate and submit an application to undertake a temporary food service.

Download the Application to Conduct a Temporary Food Stall

Will there be Alcohol at your Event?

All events held on Shire land, where alcohol will be consumed or provided, must advise their allocated Shire officer whether alcohol will be consumed, providing or sold at their event.  The Public Events Application form will assist you in determining what type of permit is required.  If you will allow patrons to consume alcohol at your event, or you are providing alcohol free, a Shire of Dandaragan Consumption of Alcohol Permit will be issued at the same time as the Public Events Approval Permit.  No fee applies and no additional forms are required.

If alcohol will be available to purchase at your event, both an Occasional Liquor License from the Office of Racing, Gaming and Liquor (fees may apply) and a Shire Consumption of Alcohol Permit from the the Shire of Dandaragan is required.  Please advise the Shire Officer and then contact the Office of Racing, Gaming and Liquor.  Once the Shire permit is issued, the closest Police Station will be notified that alcohol will be available at the function with an indication of approximately how many people will be attending.

Download the Occasional Liquor License Lodgement Guide 

How to Reduce the Risk at your Event

It is recommended that all event organisers complete an event risk assessment. We’ve prepared a risk assessment template to help you consider a range of scenarios you may need to plan for prior to your event.  You do not need to submit this with your application, this is purely for your group to assess your own risk and manage the risk accordingly.

Download the Risk Assessment Guide

Event Equipment Hire

The Shire has a the following equipment available for use free of charge that may be useful for your community event:

  • Shire of Dandaragan sponsor banners
  • Shire of Dandaragan sponsor teardrop flags
  • A-Frame signs to delineate consumption of alcohol area
  • Rubbish and Recycling bins

The collection and return of items is the responsibility of the hirer.  To book equipment, please contact the Community Development staff on 9652 0800.

How to make sure your event is Accessible to people with disability

Is your event accessible for people with disability or mobility issues?  The Shire of Dandaragan is committed to ensuring that the community is an accessible community for people of all ages and all abilities.  

Download the Creating Accessible Events checklist

Promoting your Event

If you would like to promote your event on the Shire of Dandaragan website and social media accounts, please advise the Shire officer assisting you with your permit.  All posters or images should be provided to us in JPG / PNG format.  

To add your event to the Shire's website calendar, click here and login to Localista to create an events listing.  The calendar showcases many festivals, gigs, family fun days, exhibitions, sporting events and competitions all year round, and is the most comprehensive events calendar for the Shire.  Please note that listings may take up to 72 hours to appear on the Shire's event calendar.

We wish your event all the success.