Cat Licence Application Renewal Form

Dog Licence Application Renewal Form

Application to Keep More Than 2 Dogs

Community Groups, Clubs and Businesses

Notification of Office Bearers Form (PDF)
Notification of Office Bearers Form (online form)

Business and Service Directory Update Form (online form)


Public Events Application Form


Community Grant Acquittal Form

Public Health

Application to establish a Skin Penetration Business

Operating a Skin Penetration Establishment

Public Health Guideline for Hairdressing & Barber Industry

Noise Complaint Form

Application for Approval of Food Handling Business in a Residential Premise

Food Premises Notification & Registration Form 

Itinerant Vendor of Food Application 

Application to Conduct a Temporary Food Stall 

Application to Trade in a Public Place

Building and Development  

Building Plans Request Application 

Application for Demolition Permit 

Application for Occupancy Permit 

Application for Building Approval Certificate 

Request to Amend Building Permit or Builder's Details 

Application to Extend Time - Building or Demolition Permit 

Application to Extend Time - Occupancy Permit or Building Approval Certificate 

Application for Modification or Non-Application of Building Standards 

Application for Modification or Non-Application of a Bush Fire Building Standard

Application for Building Certificate - Certified 

Application for Building Permit - Uncertified 

Holiday House Application Form 

Home Occupation Application Form

Signs and Hoardings Application Form and Facts Sheet 

Development Application Form 


Demolition Permit Application Checklist

Uncertified-Certified Building Permit Application - 1A Dwelling Checklist 

Uncertified-Certified Building Application - 10A Outbuilding Checklist

Uncertified-Certified Building Permit Application - 10B Retaining Wall Checklist 

Development Guidelines:

Beachridge Estate Residential Design Guidelines (Oct 2023)

Alta Mare Development Guidelines (Rural Residential)

Marine Fields / Hill River Heights Development Guidelines (Rural Residential)

Jurien Bay Heights Development Guidelines (Special Use - Rural Development)

Seagate Marina Estate

Valencia Road Residential Development Guidelines

Emergency Management 

Harvest & Vehicle Movement Ban SMS Notification (online form)

Fire Break & Hazard Reduction Notice 2023 / 2024

Rates and Finance

Customer Account Request (online form)
Change of Address (online form)
Request for Refund or Transfer (online form)
Vendor Request (online form)

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback Form