Storms and Floods

Storms and floods

Storms generally impact the southern part of Western Australia from May to October and may cause widespread or localised damage. Storms not only cause damage to homes, property and businesses, they also pose a threat to people, animals and the environment.

The impact of storms can be lessened with advance planning and by preparing your home and family to stay safe and reduce the damage. Reliable weather forecasting means that we usually receive some warning before a storm is due to impact our region, giving us some time to get ready.

To keep informed about the latest weather information visit, call 1300 659 210 and select Option 5, or visit

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) is the Hazard Management Authority for storm and floods are therefore responsible for managing storm and flood emergency events. For more information about preparing for storms, visit the DFES website.

When to call the State Emergency Service (SES)

The SES contact number is 132 500.

  • The SES will assist with:
  • Significant structural damage like collapsed roofs or ceilings.
  • Making temporary emergency repairs to homes and buildings.
  • Removing fallen trees that have damaged homes and cars.
  • Sandbagging areas in danger of flooding.
  • Pumping out flood water.
  • Rescuing trapped or injured people, and helping people relocate if they are in danger.

The SES will NOT assist with:

  • Clearing debris and organising permanent repairs.
  • Attending to broken fences, trees that have fallen on fences or debris around your property or in your pool.
  • Basic repairs that you can manage yourself.