Strategies and Plans

Strategic Community Plan

Envision 2029 is the Shire of Dandaragan’s Strategic Community Plan and is the most significant guiding document for the Shire’s direction over the coming decade. The document is segmented into four key themes with an aspirational statement about our future position supported by outcomes and detail on our high-level roles for success. The Shire will develop and update strategies and business plans to pursue these aspirations in consultation with the community and based on the feedback received through public consultation undertaken in the development of Envision 2029.

Envision 2029 is supported by the Shire’s Corporate Business Plan which contains greater levels of detail on specific projects and strategies. The Corporate Business Plan informs the Shire’s annual budget process which is the fundamental resourcing tool for the Shire’s operations. 

Underpinning the Shire’s business model and captured within the Vision is the importance of sustainability. Recognising that the coastline and fertile agricultural region north of Perth is a growing region both in population and industry, the Shire supports sustainable development initiatives that balance environmental, social and economic elements.

The Shire is proud to acknowledge the 634 customer contributions that provided guidance to Envision 2029 from a wide cross-section of our community. We designed the community consultation plan to capture and respond to feedback from the grassroots of the community and develop strategic direction based on the needs and aspirations of the community. The Shire looks forward to ongoing collaboration with the community in the delivery and review of this plan.

The Plan was formally adopted by the Shire of Dandaragan at the Council meeting of the 27 June 2019 by Absolute Majority.

For a full copy of the Plan please click on the link: Strategic Community Plan

Corporate Business Plan

The Shire is home to diverse and productive agricultural and botanical landscapes including iconic coastal, marine environments. The Shire is linked by two major highways (Brand Highway and Indian Ocean Drive) which provide strategic thoroughfares between the north of the State and metropolitan areas while also delivering a highly efficient logistics network to export markets.

The Shire’s four main townships are unique and diverse in their history. Agriculture, forestry and fishing is the largest industry sector.

As we look towards the next four years, the community has told us that while economic growth and supporting local job development is important, social, environment and community development is also the key to successful regional living.

The community wants to see more active and vibrant public places and in response Council has commenced a number of revitalisation projects aimed at improving public amenity. Our commitment towards environmental values will also continue, supported by important partnerships with local community and natural resource management (NRM) groups.

For a full copy of the Plan please click on the link: Corporate Business Plan

Youth Plan

The Shire of Dandaragan Youth Plan 2019–2024 identifies the youth interests, issues and aspirations of the four towns in our Shire - Badgingarra, Cervantes, Dandaragan and Jurien Bay - and establishes priorities and strategies to guide the Shire over the next five years. It informs the way in which youth services are managed and provides the framework for a collaborative approach.

We have listened to the feedback young people given us and used as much of the information received from the community as possible as summarised in the below infographic. Detailed information on the key focus areas, goals and strategies from this feedback is also provided within the Youth Plan.

For a full copy of the Plan please click on the link: Youth Plan

Environmental and Heritage

Coastal Hazard Risk Management and Adaptation Plan