Environmental Health

Active involvement by local authorities in environmental and public health matters has achieved great improvements in the quality of life and longevity of most Australians. Nonetheless new health hazards and risks have emerged in recent years, such as obesity, food allergies, microbiological disease transmission, environmental contamination and noise exposure. These risks require ongoing monitoring and managing to ensure that our residents and visitors can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The role of the Shire's Environmental Health Officers is to manage and provide guidance on a variety of health and environmental factors including the following:

Air pollution Water quality Effluent disposal Event compliance Food safety
On-site waste water disposal Accommodation Infectious diseases Public buildings Noise
Hazardous substances Liquor licencing Offensive trades

Where acceptable standards are not maintained the officers assume an educational and enforcement role. The video below, developed by the Environmental Health Association (EHA), highlights the role of an Environmental Health Officers working for local governments.

Environmental Health Officer's Role in Local Government