Development Policies , Guidelines & Forms

Policies and Guidelines are put into place to guide development of individual sites within the Shire and to provide the community with a clear understanding of what the Shire Council aims to achieve on individual development sites. The policies are prepared for the benefit of property owners, developers and the Shire Council, to ensure a consistent approach is taken and to maintain a high quality of development within the Shire.

Local Planning Policies

Residential Design Guidelines 

The purpose of the R-Codes is to provide a comprehensive basis for the control of residential development throughout Western Australia. Please note that any variation to the 'deemed-to-comply' provisions of the R-Codes requires the submission of a Development Application to be assessed by Planning staff against its merits and relevant design principles.

The following estate specific residential design guidelines have been adopted by the Shire Council as local planning policies and indicate variations to the R-Codes for their area of application.

Rural Residential/ Lifestyle Estate Development Provisions

Other Guidelines

  • Crossover Guidelines
  • Outdoor Eating Facility Guidelines

Development Application Forms