Where to Start 

The Shire ensures buildings, both existing and proposed, are compliant with the Building Code of Australia and related associated Australian Standards. These regulations exist to ensure acceptable standards of structural sufficiency, fire safety, health and amenity are maintained in all building work within the built environment.

The Building Commission have produced 'A Guide to the Building Approvals Process' to outline the building approval process in Western Australia.

A Permit is required for any building work, alterations or additions including:

  • Houses, granny flats, additions and alterations
  • Patios, verandahs, gazebos, pergolas and decks
  • Sheds, garages, carports, workshops
  • Swimming pools, pool fencing, spas
  • Retaining walls
  • Shop fitouts, mezzanine floors, change of use (converting an office to a shop for example)
  • Commercial, industrial and public buildings (eg schools, gymnasium, meeting halls)
  • Demolition of domestic and commercial buildings

 A Permit must be issued prior to commencement of any work.

 Different types of building work have different requirements when lodging an application for a building permit.

 The Building Act 2011 requires a Certificate of Design Compliance (BA3) signed by a registered building surveyor to be lodged along with the building permit application (BA1– Certified, or BA2 – Uncertified) before a building permit can be issued.

For residential (class 1 and 10) buildings you can apply for an uncertified building permit (BA2), and the Shire will complete the Certificate of Design Compliance (BA3) as part of the building permit process. Alternatively, you can engage a private certifier to issue the BA3 as part of a certified building permit application (BA1).

 For commercial (class 2 to 9) buildings, a Certificate of Design Compliance (BA3) must be obtained from private certifier, and a certified application (BA1) submitted.


Department of Commerce Building Forms

Building approval forms can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

Building Checklists and Fees

Checklist for uncertified/certified application for building permit - Dwelling (Class 1A)

Checklist for uncertified/certified application for building permit - Outbuildings (Class 10a)

Checklist for Demolition Permit Application

Checklist for uncertified/certified application for building permit - Retaining Walls (Class 10b)

Checklist for Retaining Walls

Building Act Fees

Shipping Container Factsheet

Front Fence Factsheet

BAL Assessment Factsheet

Construction Bonds

The Shire of Dandaragan has adopted a policy of imposing a verge security bond in relation to the issue of building licences.  The reason for this is that the cost of repair and reinstatement to the street infrastructure as a result of new construction being undertaken on adjacent street lots, is no longer sustainable by Council.

The bond required to be submitted is:

Description Amount GST
Verge Bond Security Deposit - Residential (including dwellings, b/g swimming pools) $ 1,000                N/A     
Security Deposit - Residential House Relocation  $ 2,000      N/A     
Dust Bonds - Commercial Developments $ 1 per m2  N/A

Included with the issued building licence will be an Application for Refund form, to be completed, signed and dated by the Builder for return to Council’s Development Services upon completion of construction for refund of the bond held.  The bond only, will be refunded upon final inspection where no damage is observed.

The bond can only be paid by the Builder, and refunded back to the Builder.

A site inspection will be undertaken by Council’s Development Services staff at the time of the building application assessment licence issue, with photographs recorded for future reference.

On receipt of an application for refund, an additional site inspection will be undertaken, and if no damage is observed, a refund will be authorised.

Click here to download the Application for Bond Refund Form.

Rural Road Numbering

Property owners who own rural land that currently only has a lot number are able to apply to the Shire of Dandaragan to get a rural number (RRN) allocated to their property. Rural numbers take the place of street numbers however follow a different process to be determined for each property. This form of numbering is used in rural areas to assist Emergency Services when there is an incident in the area.

To apply, click here and complete the application form and pay the allocation fee. On receipt of both of these, Development Services will work out the appropriate number for the property and install a picket with a numbered green plate. Rangers will then inform Landgate and our Rates Officer to complete the process. 

Copies of Approved Building Plans

Copies of approved building plans are kept in the Shire of Dandaragan’s archives. If you need a copy of these plans, we can search the records held and provide a copy to you. You will need to complete a Building Plans Archival Request Form, signed by the owner of the property and pay the applicable fee. See Building Plans Archival Request Form below which also lists fees. Copies of archival plans that are sought for site plan information and building details can only be used for the information required, and are not to be re-submitted as building application documents for a new application.