Cervantes Recreation Precinct Masterplan

The Cervantes Recreation Precinct Masterplan will be a conceptual representation of how the Cervantes recreation precinct could evolve and function, and provide a series of themes and cues to assist the Shire in guiding detailed planning and design decisions.

In August 2021, Shire of Dandaragan Council approved the release of the draft Sport and Recreation Plan to the public for comment. The draft Plan included a detailed action plan that prioritises and guides the Shire’s resources to deliver the optimum sport and recreation outcomes in a planned approach.  A recommendation of the Plan is framed around the need to prepare masterplans for each recreation precinct over the coming years to respond to either increased demand or buildings reaching end of serviceable life.

In late 2021, the Shire created the Cervantes Recreation Precinct Working Group to help guide the Shire on the community's vision for the Recreation Precinct.  Members of a number of Cervantes community groups were accepted onto the working group.  To progress the Cervantes Recreation Precinct masterplan, the Shire understands the benefit of including the community throughout the design development stage. Establishment of a project working group provides insight from local users informed by a diverse range of views and opinions from a broad cross-section of the community which reduces the risk of any future built form design being inconsistent with community values and producing negative community feedback.

The key objective for the Shire of Dandaragan, in consultation with the working group, is to ensure that development of the detailed design of the Cervantes Recreation Precinct is representative of the community’s values, whilst aligning with the key objective of delivering a contemporary, flexible and inclusive recreation precinct that supports Cervantes sense of place and uniqueness, supports a move towards increased co-location and shared use between clubs, and will ensure that local content, values, and interpretation are incorporated into detailed designs.

Next Steps?

The Shire has engaged MCG Architects and Consulting Great Southern (CGS) to prepare the Cervantes Recreation Precinct Masterplan.  Site visits have been undertaken and a number of working group meetings, including a community meeting in February 2022.  A Draft Masterplan is expected in mid-April 2022 and it is estimated that the Masterplan will be open for public comment mid-2022.  

Aims of the consultation process for the working group are:

  1. Each town has a recreation master plan;
  2. Facilities are fit for purpose and meet community needs;
  3. Each community has a masterplan document that supports and assists in securing external grant funding;
  4. Appropriate levels of engagement are delivered; and
  5. Engagement is well-planned, targeted and managed appropriately.

Project Team

Funding: The project to develop the Cervantes Recreation Precinct Masterplan is funded by the Shire of Dandaragan.

Project Management: Shire of Dandaragan

Project Consultants:

  • Great Southern Consulting
  • MCG Architects

Community Representatives: Cervantes Recreation Precinct Working Group

Cervantes Recreation Precinct Working Group


Ian Rennie
Sandra Randall
Murray Ford
Marilyn Gazeley
Tina Murray
Barb Hayes
Natalie Dennis
Cr. Rudy Rybarczyk (Shire of Dandaragan)
Cr. Peter Sharf (Shire of Dandaragan)

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