Town Planning

Local Planning Scheme No.7 is currently in force within the Shire of Dandaragan. The Scheme consisting of the Scheme Text and Scheme Maps is a statutory document which sets out objectives, development standards and provisions for the use, development and protection of land within the Shire. The Scheme divides the Shire into zones to identify areas for particular land uses and distinguishes land reserved for public purposes. The Scheme is aligned and should be read in conjunction with the Shire's local planning strategies adopted by the Western Australian Planning Commission (linked below), which outlines the long-term planning direction for the Shire.  

The Scheme Text & Maps is available from To access click on Information and services - Local planning - Local Planning Strategies, Schemes and Structure Plans - find Dandaragan, Shire of - Local Planning Scheme 7.

Click here to view the Deemed Provisions which form part of every local planning scheme in Western Australia. 

Click here to view State Planning Policy 7.3 - Residential Design Codes (R-Codes) which is to be read as part of the Scheme.

The purpose of the R-Codes is to provide a comprehensive basis for the control of residential development throughout Western Australia. Please note that any variation to the 'deemed-to-comply' provisions of the R-Codes requires the submission of a Development Application to be assessed by the Shire against its merits and relevant design principles.

Local Planning Strategies 

Click here to view the Jurien Bay City Centre Strategy Plan 2012

Jurien Bay City Centre Strategy Plan - Land Use Map  

Click here to view the Rural Planning Strategy 2012

Click here to view the Tourism Local Planning Strategy 2012

Click here to view the Draft Local Planning Strategy 2016 

Local Planning Policies

The ability to prepare local planning policies is afforded to the Shire under clause 3 of the Deemed Provisions. The Shire can prepare local planning policies in respect to any matter related to the planning and development of the Shire. In considering a Planning Application, the Shire must have due regard to relevant local planning policies as required under clause 67 of the Deemed Provisions. 

Click here to view Policy 8.1 - Relocated Dwellings

Click here to view Policy 8.2 - Mining, Horticultural and Agricultural Ventures - Accommodation for Staff

Click here to view Policy 8.3 - Clearing of Vegetation from Residential Lots

Click here to view Policy 8.4 - Outbuildings and Temporary Accommodation in Rural Residential and Special Use - Rural Development Zones

Click here to view Policy 8.5 - Outbuildings - Residential Areas

Click here to view Policy 8.6 - Advertising Devices (Signage)

Click here to view Policy 8.7 - Car Parking

Click here to view Policy 8.8 - Shipping Containers 

Click here to view Policy 8.9 - Home Based Businesses (Including Cottage Industry)

Click here to view Policy 8.10 - Bed and Breakfast Establishment 

Click here to view Policy 8.11 - Residential Design Codes - Side and Rear Boundary Setbacks

Click here to view Policy 8.12 - Mobile and Itinerant Vendors and Commercial Activities on Reserved Land (Including Foreshore)

Click here to view Policy 8.13 - Holiday Homes 

Click here to view Policy 8.14 - Jurien Bay Foreshore Commercial Development Plan

The following residential design guidelines have been adopted by Council as local planning policies and indicate variations to the R-Codes for their area of application. 

Cervantes - Valencia Road Precinct Design Guidelines click here

Jurien Bay - Beachridge Estate Design Guidelines click here and Zoning Map click here

Jurien Bay - Seagate Marina Estate Built Form Guidelines click here

Development in the Rural Residential & Special Use - Rural Development Zones 

As per clauses 4.12 & 4.13 and Schedules 7 & 9 of Local Planning Scheme No.7. 

Alta Mare Provisions click here

Jurien Bay Heights Provisions click here 

Hill River Heights/Marine Fields Provisions click here

Development Application Form, Guidelines & Fact-sheets 

Click here for Development Consent Application

Click here for Schedule of Planning Fees

Click here for Home Occupation Application

Click here for Signs and Hoardings Fact-sheet & Application

Click here for Parklet Guidelines

Click here for Alfresco Dinning Guidelines

Click here for Extractive Industry Application & Guidelines 

Click here for Front Fence Fact-sheet

Click here for Sea/Shipping Container Fact-sheet

Click here for Holiday Home Fact-sheet

Click here for Ancillary Accommodation Fact-sheet

Click here for BAL Assessment Fact-sheet

Coastal Hazard Risk Management and Adaptation Plan (CHRMAP)

As the town-sites of Cervantes and Jurien Bay are identified at being of risk of coastal erosion the Shire of Dandaragan has adopted a CHRMAP in accordance with State Planning Policy 2.6 - State Coastal Planning Policy and supporting guideline documents. The CHRMAP provides a plan for implementation of recommended adaptation options over the next decade, to 2030 with a strategic view on the likely adjustments over the next century, to 2110.

Click here to view the Shire of Dandaragan CHRMAP 

Click here to view the Cervantes Coastal Hazard Map

Click here to view the Jurien Bay Coastal Hazard Map

Click here to view CHRMAP FAQs

Local Development Plan - Lot 62 Roberts Street, Jurien Bay

This Local Development Plan sets out the specific and detailed development standards for the future development on the subject Tourist zoned property and should be read in conjunction with Schedule 4 - Special Use Zone 4 of the Scheme. 

Click here to view the LDP