Town Planning

Local Planning Scheme No.7 is currently in force at the Shire of Dandaragan.

The general objectives of the scheme are to control and regulate the use of land in order to improve the welfare of the residents and visitors to townsites within the Shire, reinforce the existing pattern of land use, to provide for and regulate tourist development and establish criteria and development standards applicable to various land uses.

The Western Australian Planning Commission has now released the Residential Design Codes 2008 (R-Codes), for guidance on the type of structures permissible on 'Residential' zoned land. Please note that any request for a variation to the 'acceptable development' criteria of the R-Codes for a residential building project requires the submission of a Planning Application for consideration by Council.

For further information and to view Local Planning Scheme No. 7 visit the WA Planning Commission Website or click here.

Local Planning Policies - Section 8.0 Economic Services and Development click here for Table of Contents

Policy 8.1 - Relocated Dwellings click here

Policy 8.3 - Clearing of Vegetation from Residential Lots click here

Policy 8.4 - Outbuildings and Temporary Accommodation in Rural Residential and Special Use - Rural     Development Zones click here

Policy 8.5 - Outbuildings - 'Residential Areas' click here

Policy 8.6 - Advertising Devices (Signage) click here

Policy 8.7 - Parking - "Car Parking" click here

Policy 8.8 - Shipping Containers click here

Policy 8.9 - Home Based Businesses (Including Cottage Industry) click here

Policy 8.10 - Bed and Breakfast Establishment click here

Policy 8.11 - Residential Design Codes - Side and Rear Boundary Setbacks click here

Policy 8.12 - Mobile and Itinerant Vendors and Commercial Activities on Reserved Land (Including Foreshore) - click here

 Home Occupation

Home Occupation means a business or activity carried on within a dwelling / house or the curtilage of a house by a person resident.  For further information and to view Local Planning Scheme No. 7 visit the WA Planning Commission Website or click here.

To apply for a Home Occupation Licence you will need to complete an Application for Planning Consent with the relevant planning fee.  Once Planning approval has been given for the Home Occupation you will then be invoiced the Annual Fee or portion of the Annual Fee.

Home Occupation Application – Click here

Development Application Form & other useful information

Click Here to view the Application for Planning Consent

Click Here to view the Jurien Bay Town Centre Strategy Plan

Click Here to view the Shire Of Dandaragan Local Planning Strategy

Click Here to view Town Planning Maps


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