Central Coast Health Advisory Group

Central Coast Health Advisory Group represents the community on health issues along the coastal area within the Shire of Dandaragan and 'image description'is made up of community members from Cervantes and Jurien Bay, as well as representatives from WA Country Health Service and local government.

Members of the public can feedback information, suggestions, concerns, etc., to the advisory group who work with health services and local government to advocate for health services on behalf of the community.

To contact them or to send feedback, please email letters to

Primary Health Care Survey

WA Primary Health Alliance is a planning and commissioning body dedicated to building a robust and responsive patient-centred primary health and social care system. Our local Primary Health Network would like the public's thoughts on the planning and design of primary health care in WA.

The PHN are particularly interested in learning more about your experience of primary care in the past 12 months. Primary health care refers to the services given by people such as General Practitioners (GPs), physiotherapists, pharmacists, mental health and alcohol and other drug counsellors etc.

Your responses will contribute to their understanding of the needs in our region, and help in the planning and funding of activities and services that provide people with the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

Please take this quick survey to feed back your experiences and thoughts on primary health.

Medical and Health Services 

Jurien Bay

Jurien Bay Health Centre

21 Whitfield St, Jurien Bay. For appointments please call 9652 0200.

Primary Health Services provided: (brochure available here)
  • 24 hour Accident and Emergency service;
  • Home and Community Care services; and
  • Child Health & Immunisation Clinics.
Visiting services:
  • Occupational Therapy. Currently visiting fortnightly. For appointments please call the Occupational Therapy Department on 9651 0270.
  • Speech Pathology. Currently visiting six weekly. For appointments please call the Speech Pathology Department on 9651 0270.
  • Social Work. Currently visiting as required. For appointments please call the Social Work Department on 9651 0270.
  • Mental Health Services. For appointments please call Gingin Mental Health on 9575 2593.
  • Dietitian. Currently visiting fortnightly.  For appointments please call 9576 0530.
  • Optometrist currently visiting monthly.  For appointments please call 1800 642 888.
  • Podiatry Services currently visiting weekly.  For appointments please call 9965 4331.
private SERVICES:
  • Jurien Bay Dental Clinic.  8am-5pm. For appointments please call 9652 1288.
  • Jurien Bay Physiotherapy.  8.30am-pm.  For appointments please call 9652 1132 or online at

Jurien Bay Medical Centre

21 Whitfield St, Jurien Bay.  For appointments please call 9688 7900.

Private services:
  • General Practitioner service provided by Spectrum Health. Mon-Fri 8am-6pm.
  • Cervical Screen program provided by Spectrum Health. Currently visiting visiting 8am-1pm (female nurse), or GPs Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.  For appointments please call 9688 7900.


  • Biotune Chiropractic. For appointments please call 9694 7176.  81 Bashford Street, Jurien Bay.


Moora District Health Service

Dandaragan Road, Moora. For appointments please call 9651 0222.

Moora boasts a comprehensive Health Service that forms part of the Wheatbelt Region of the WA Country Health Service.

The Moora District Health Service is comprised of:
  • A Hospital;
  • A Frail Aged Lodge;
  • Home Support Services;
  • Meals on Wheels;
  • Allied and community Health Services;
  • A new 20 bed hospital comprising 12 acute and 8 High Care Residential; and
  • The hospital is supported by 4 doctors who operate from a modern privately owned medical centre.
Visiting specialist service include:
  • General surgery;
  • Gynaecology; and
  • psychiatry.
Allied Health Services available include:
  • Physiotherapy;
  • Speech Pathology;
  •  Occupational Therapy; and
  • Podiatry.
Community Health Services include:
  • Aboriginal Health;
  • Child Health;
  • School Health; and
  • Health Promotion.

9 Low Care Residential beds are available at the Moora Frail Aged Lodge.

Meals and Wheels are provided from the hospital five days per week and this can be extended to weekends when required.

A home visiting nurse services Moora and the surrounding area 3 days per week and a wide variety of home support services are offered to maintain aged residents in their own home.

Adjacent to the lodge are 18 independent living units (a mix of single and double) run by the Homes for the Aged committee.

A visiting dentist provides a part time service and the Department of Health's dental van visits schools on a regular basis.

A pharmaceutical service is provided by a well stocked, privately owned local pharmacy.

Moora Health Centre (Surgery)

Dr Bernard Chapman, MBBS
Monday – Friday 8.30am-5.00pm – 96511433

Moora Hospital

Services provided: Emergencies, Extended Care, General Admissions, Home Support, Lodge, Permanent Care, Physiotherapy, Respite Care, Visiting Surgeons (General and Gynaecology)

Moora Dental

Dr Gary Mack B.D.Ss.Dip.Ed
Thurday and Friday
96511010/0424 626 106


Dandaragan Community Resource Centre

  • Child Health Centre
  • Physiotherapy. For appointments call 0499 624 335 
  • Neurofeedback Services

Services available: Clinical Pilates Group classes; Well Being Exercise Classes for the over 60's. 


Badgingarra Community Centre Hall

  • Physiotherapy. For appointments call 0499 624 335

Services available: Clinical Pilates Group classes.