Maddi MCDONALD - Election Candidate

Candidate Details

District: Shire of Dandaragan

Candidate Name: Maddison Jeanette MCDONALD

Ballot Paper Name: MCDONALD, Maddi

Nominating for: Councillor

Election Type: Ordinary

I have lived in Jurien Bay for 3 fantastic years with my 2 dogs, originally hailing from a sheep farm west of Coorow. I’m currently working at the Jurien Bay CRC as a Media and IT Officer, and have a keen interest in community issues in the Shire. 

Due to my work, I see residents of Jurien Bay and Cervantes face to face as well as the issues that they wish were discussed and presented. As a young person, I also wish to be an accessible voice for the younger members of the community who ensure a bright future for the town.

I support sustaining the country and coastal feel of the our Shire, whilst being able to bring aspects of the big city to residents and visitors.

I believe that the Shire of Dandaragan would benefit from a fresh and new voice that I could provide, if elected.

Mobile: 0419 221 601
Postal Address: 36 Whitlock Corner JURIEN BAY 6516