Rosemary GLASFURD - Election Candidate

Candidate Details

District: Shire of Dandaragan

Candidate Name: Rosemary Carlene GLASFURD

Ballot Paper Name: GLASFURD, Rosemary

Nominating for: Councillor

Election Type: Ordinary

I have lived at Cataby for nearly 37 years farming with my husband and building a business.

I feel I possess the skills after assisting running a family business and being involved in numerous committees and also in the local paper and CRC to fully grasp the needs of this
broad community. Its definitely a thriving region with so much development in tourism, small business, agribusiness, mining, crayfishing and renewable energy projects. Its a challenge for council to manage all this development for the best outcomes for ratepayers whilst keeping the growth on track for the community at large. I love living in this region and feel we have the best of both worlds as close to the CBD and pristine coast and hope to see sustained growth and employment for our children and future generations.

Mobile: 0427 512 014
Postal Address: 383 Cataby Road DANDARAGAN 6507