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The Shire of Dandaragan is the Pinnacle of the Turquoise Coast with the towns of Cervantes, Jurien Bay, Dandaragan and Badgingarra offering visitors a diverse holiday experience in the stunning natural surrounds of the region.

Click on each name for further information about the town: Jurien Bay, Cervantes, Dandaragan, Badgingarra 

Cervantes and Jurien Bay are easily reached on the coastal route of Indian Ocean Drive, north from Wanneroo Road in Perth. A scenic 200km drive takes you straight to the Cervantes turnoff or the town centre of Jurien Bay is just 22km further. Badgingarra and Dandaragan are both accessed via the inland Brand Highway area routes. You can find maps for the region and each township here.

You can find more information about the attractions of each town from the 'Visitor Information' drop down menu above but for a truly diverse visitor experience, see what each town has to offer during your visit, with each location easily accessible as day trips from wherever you are based within the Shire.


The weather is temperate with a pleasant Mediterranean climate. December, January and February are the hottest months and maximum temperatures can reach 40° Celsius but sea breezes provide cool relief during these periods. Rainfall in the district ranges from 600 mm in the coastal areas to 350 mm in the inland area in the winter months - June, July and August - when the temperatures drop considerably but the mild climate makes this a perfect time to explore the region.

Visitor Information

Turquoise Coast Visitor Centre    
67 Bashford Street, Jurien Bay WA 6516  
Phone +61 8 9652 0870
Visit Jurien Bay
Pinnacles Visitor Centre  
Cadiz Street, Cervantes WA 6511 (inside Post Office)       
Phone +61 8 9652 7700
Visit Cervantes
Dandaragan CRC
3468 Dandaragan Road, Dandaragan WA 6507
Phone +61 8 9651 4071
Visit Dandaragan
Badgingarra Roadhouse  
1 Meagher Drive, Badgingarra WA 6251  
Phone +61 8 9652 9051
Visit Badgingarra

Internet & Mobile Phone Access

Internet access is available at the Community Resource Centres on the main streets in Jurien Bay and Dandaragan. Mobile phone access with either 3G or 4G data access is available within townsites but may be limited in remote areas. Not all carriers provide mobile service in the region. WIFI is available at the Turquoise Coast Visitor Centre in Jurien Bay and at the Caltex Service Station in Jurien Bay. 


In Cervantes ATM's are located at the general store and Cervantes Bar & Bistro on Cadiz Street, the country club on Aragon Street and the Liberty service station on Seville Street. In Jurien Bay there is a Bendigo Bank branch on Sandpiper Street and a Bankwest at Jurien Bay Shopping Centre on Bashford Street, as well as an ATM at the Jurien Bay Hotel Motel and at the Caltex Service Station.


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