Tourism Development

The Shire of Dandaragan has an emerging tourist market particularly along the coast with visitor numbers traveling along Indian Ocean Drive increasing year on year with day trippers to the Pinnacles accounting for the largest increase in numbers.

This increase provides the coastal towns of Cervantes and Jurien Bay with the opportunity to develop a tourism development plan to convert the day trip tourists to one or two night short breaks.

The traditional family tourism group that have returned to Cervantes and Jurien year on year over the past twenty years is now transitioning to the children from those groups now bringing their children. We are now starting to see multi-generational family groups visiting the region. These groups are demanding a great variety of product more activities and better amenities.

To satisfy this added demand the Shire is currently undertaking a Tourism Development Strategy to maximise the potential of leveraging these day trippers and the  multi- generational groups.

Opportunities to participate in the Tourism Development Strategy will be promoted through our Consultation page.