Coastal Adaptation Plan:

The Shire of Dandaragan, Shire of Gingin and the NACC have formed a partnership that will help communities from Guilderton to Jurien Bay take the first steps in preparing for coastal hazards such as inundation and long term erosion.

The majority of settlements along the Gingin and Dandaragan coastline (approximately Guilderton to Jurien Bay) are located on low lying sandy coastal landforms. Sections of this coastline have been identified as being areas where coastal hazard risk may present a moderate to significant constraint to future coastal management. (For more information see The Coast of the Shire of Gingin and Dandaragan, Western Australia: Geology, Geomorphology and Vulnerability, Eliot et al 2012).

This partnership is currently finalising coastal hazard assessments that will inform the preparation of the Shire’s Coastal Adaptation Plan. It is intended that a community engagement process will be undertaken in April / May 2017 to ensure that this Plan is reflective of the community’s values and aspirations related to the coast while being reflective of existing legislative and funding frameworks. 

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Coastal Adaptation Plan FAQ

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