Revised Jurien Bay CBD Urban Design Plan Available for Comment (Closed)

Revised Jurien Bay CBD Urban Design Plan Available for Comment 

In 2021 the Shire advertised a Draft Urban Design Plan for the continual redevelopment of the public realm within the Jurien Bay CBD. A number of submissions were received on the Draft Plan at this time, and these have informed the revision of the Plan as now represented for comment. The revision of Plan has also been heavily influenced by the development approvals issued in 2022 for the redevelopment of the Jurien Bay Tourist Park and for a four-storey motel on the corner of Roberts and Sandpiper Streets, respectively. Both these approved developments result in significant changes to the road verges of Roberts and Sandpiper Streets as shown in the revised plan.      


Other notable changes from the Draft Plan include: 

  • the removable of any physical building alterations on private land which is not under the care and control of the Shire; 
  • identified parking layout changes throughout the CBD, including summary of current and future parking bay numbers; 
  • inclusion of the previously designed realignment of Bashford Street as a local main street for if and when an Indian Ocean Drive bypass is constructed; 
  • preservation of Roberts Street as vehicle thoroughfare, with the long-term access to be one-way between Bashford Street and Sandpiper Street in the direction of the foreshore; and  
  • inclusion of an indicative public amenities within Pioneer Park.  

An electronic copy of the revised Plan is available for download on the Here, or a hardcopy version is available from the Jurien Bay Administration Centre. 


Comments on the revised Plan are invited until close of business Friday 4th August 2023.  


Should you require any clarification or would like to meet to discuss the revised Plan further, please contact the Shire's Principal Planning and Building Officer, Rory Mackay on 9652 0800 or 

Contact Details

Name: Rory Mackay

Job Title: Principal Building & Planning Officer

Phone: 9652 0800