Public Art and Percent for Art Policy Draft (Closed)


A Shire of Dandaragan Public Art and Percent for Art Policy was first discussed in Council in August 2020. This followed a recommendation from the Shire's Vibrant Communities Arts and Culture Plan, adopted by Council in August 2020, to adopt a public art policy.

In August 2021, Council were presented with a draft Public Art and Percent for Art Policy after the public were given the opportunity to view and provide feedback on the draft policy. After public feedback was received, Councillors chose to undertake further refinement and removed the mandatory developer-contribution towards public art. The current draft outlines an approach where developers are encouraged to participate through a non-mandatory contribution towards public art in towns close to their development. Council's concern was that a developer contribution to the percent for public art would negatively impact development opportunities in the Shire.

In December 2021, a 2nd draft was presented to Council which included a non-mandatory contribution by developers and a two-stream approach to the Shire's

  1. Allocation of 1% of the gross yield of budgeted rates income (approximately $65,000 annually) to the Shire of Dandaragan Public Arts Fund to be expended on public art (in accordance with the Policy), and
  2. Allocation of 1% for public art would be applied to all new Shire re/developments over $500,000.  For example, the recent Jurien Bay foreshore redevelopment project would have approximately $20,000 allocated additionally to public art in this financial year, as a part of the project.

Council decided to opt for a more fiscally prudent approach with a sole funding stream, not opting for additional public art expenditure with new capital projects.

A new draft Policy is now presented for your comments and feedback. This latest draft continues with developer contributions as a non-mandatory recommendation for private commercial developers, in addition to removing the 2nd stream of Shire contribution - the 1% of Shire-led (re)developments (mentioned above). This new draft supports the contribution each year of 1% of gross yield of budgeted rates income to the Shire of Dandaragan Public Arts Fund to be expended on public art (in accordance with the Policy).

The latest draft Policy can be viewed online at the link above, at the Shire of Dandaragan Administration Centre in Jurien Bay, or at any of the Shire's libraries in Badgingarra, Cervantes, Dandaragan and Jurien Bay during opening hours.

How can I comment?

Comments and feedback are to be lodged in writing by 4pm Friday 18 February 2022, by one of the following:

  • In person at the Shire of Dandaragan Administration Centre located at 69 Bashford Street, Jurien Bay
  • By mail to the CEO, Shire of Dandaragan, PO Box 676, Jurien Bay WA 6516
  • By email to (quoting Draft Public Art and Percent for Art Policy in the subject line); or
  • In the comments section on this page.

Following closure of the consultation period, all submissions received will be considered as Council finalise the policy.

How can I ask questions?

To help understand the draft Policy and provide an opportunity for community members to ask questions, contact the Manager Customer and Community Services
on 9652 0800 or to make an appointment any time.

Contact Details

Name: Michelle Perkins

Phone: 96520800