Draft Local Planning Policy for Beekeeping (Closed)

The Shire of Dandaragan invites comment on a Draft Local Planning Policy for Beekeeping. 

This Policy provides direction and guidance for hobby beekeepers and commercial apiaries on the keeping of bees on properties zoned Rural Residential, Rural Smallholdings and Special Use – Rural Development (except Category 3) under the Shire of Dandaragan Local Planning Scheme No.7

The draft policy has the following objectives, exclusions and exemptions: 


  • To support the vital role bees play in preserving biodiversity and ecosystem health.  
  • Encourage beekeeping as a rewarding hobby.  
  • Ensure the number of beehives on a given property is suitable for the surrounding environment and size of the property to not become a nuisance for neighbouring properties.  
  • Ensure bee flight paths (from hives to available flowers) do not interfere with neighbouring land, roadways, or footpaths.  


This Policy does not apply to the keeping of beehives within a townsite, on a Rural property, or on reserve land where beekeeping is deemed consistent with the purpose of the subject reserve.   


The keeping of up two (2) beehives is exempt from requiring development approval under this Policy.  

A copy of the Draft Local Planning Policy can be downloaded from the link above or is available for viewing at the Jurien Bay Administration Centre, 69 Bashford Street, or libraries around the Shire.  


Submissions on the Draft Local Planning Policy may be made before 4:00pm Friday 5 August 2022


Should you require any clarification on this matter, please do not hesitate to contact the Planning Officer on rorym@dandaragan.wa.gov.au

Contact Details

Name: Rory Mackay

Job Title: Planning Officer

Phone: 9652 0800

Email: council@dandaragan.wa.gov.au