Arts and Culture Strategy (Closed)

The Shire of Dandaragan is developing its first Arts and Culture Plan – Vibrant Communities. Building on existing artistic networks and talents within the region, the aim of this new plan is to articulate a vision for vibrant, innovative and creative cultural activity across the Shire.

A thriving cultural life enriches communities, enlivens open spaces and enhances sense of place. The arts transform, illuminate, inspire and motivate. Creativity enables self-expression, community well-being, social cohesion, skills development and life-long learning. Creative industries play a vital role in tourism, as well as economic and regional development. All Shire residents have a stake in the intrinsic and instrumental benefits of culture and creativity.

The Shire seeks your suggestions for ways to enliven public spaces, create sense of place, encourage social cohesion, provide opportunities for skills development, and enhance the region’s appeal to residents, visitors and new business through the arts, creative industries and cultural tourism.

Answer the questions below to participate, contact or phone our Community Development Officer on 9652 0800.

Contact Details

Name: Cristi McPhee

Phone: (08) 9652 0800