Additional Off-Leash Dog Exercise Areas (Closed)

The below indicated dog beaches are available for off-leash exercise areas for your pooch:
Dog Beaches -
  • Hansen Bay (Barcelona Drive)
  • North of the jetty
(Jurien Bay)
  • North of Island Point (Shingle Ave)
  • North of Jurien Bay Marina (Breakwater Drive).
In addition to the dog beaches, a number of other sites have been trialled as off-leash dog-exercise areas. The trial sites being:
  • Weld Park (northwards of the basketball court to Aquilla St)
  • Passamani Park (Pinetree Circuit)
  • Dibbler Park (Beachridge Drive)
  • Djidi Djal Park (Middleton Avenue)
  • Jurien Bay beach south from Cook Street
  • Jurien Bay beach north from Memorial Park
  • Cervantes beach south from Talavera Road.
The Shire is interested in feedback about these additional trial sites. Feel free to leave your comments below, or email to
Please note, that dog owners will be permitted to exercise their dog off-leash within these areas however, they are still fully responsible for the (effective) control and behaviour of their dog.
Contact Details

Name: Rory Mackay

Job Title: Principal Building and Planning Officer

Phone: 9652 0800