Policies and Guidelines are put into place to guide development of individual sites within the Shire of Dandaragan and to provide the community with a clear understanding of what the Council aims to achieve on individual development sites. The policies are prepared for the benefit of property owners, developers and the Council, to ensure a consistent approach is taken and to maintain a high quality of development within the Shire.

The ability to prepare local planning policies is afforded to the Shire under clause 3 of the Deemed Provisions. The Shire can prepare local planning policies in respect to any matter related to the planning and development of the Shire.

In considering a Development Application, the Shire must have due regard to relevant local planning policies as required under clause 67 of the Deemed Provisions.

Please check to see if your proposed development is affected by any of these policies or guidelines to ensure you are aware of any provisions that may apply. Our Planning staff will be happy to help you with an enquiry.