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The Cat Act 2011 received Parliamentary assent on 9 November 2011. This Act will be implemented through a two phase approach;

* Phase One by 1 November 2012; and

* Phase Two by 1 November 2013.

The two year lead-in period will provide the community, industry and local government the opportunity to make plans to comply with the requirements.

The development of this legislation follows extensive public consultation in July 2010, through the release of a consultation paper seeking input on the proposed legislation. Five hundred and ninety (590) submissions were recieved during the consultation period, with overwhelming support (84%) given for the induction of all three key elements proposed in the consultation paper:

* Compulsory identification through microchipping;

* Compulsory registration; and

* Compulsory sterilisation.

What Do The New Cat Laws Mean For You And Your Feline Friend

Cat Licence Application Renewal Form

For more information on the Cat Act 2011 please click on the following link:
Cat Act 2011