Online Form - Council Meeting Questions from the Public

Any member of the public wishing to have a question raised during Public Question Time of an Electronic Council meeting is welcome to do so, however, Council requires your name, address and written questions to be provided prior to the commencement of the meeting.

The Shire of Dandaragan welcomes community participation during public question time as per the Shire of Dandaragan Standing Orders Local Law.

A member of the public who raises a question during question time is requested to:

  • provide a copy of his or her questions on the form below;
  • complete his or her name and address on the form below;
  • the question will be directed to the President or the Presiding Member;
  • Submitted question should be brief and concise;
  • limit any preamble to matters directly relevant to the submitted question;
  • ensure that the question is not accompanied by an expression of opinion, statement of fact or other comment, except where necessary to explain the question;
  • when a member of the public submits a question on this form, the President or Presiding Member may determine that the question is to be responded to as normal business correspondence;

The following is a summary of procedure and a guide to completion of the required form:

  1. Explanations or statements of belief will not be accepted or allowed.
  2. Questions must relate to a matter affecting the Shire of Dandaragan.
  3. Questions must be appropriate and made in good faith.  Those containing defamatory remarks, offensive language or question the competency or personal affairs of council members or employees may be ruled inappropriate by the President or Presiding Member and therefore not considered.
  4. Frame your question so that it is both precise and yet fully understood.  Long questions covering a multitude of subjects are easily misunderstood and can result in poor replies being given.
  5. Questions to be put to the President or Presiding Member and answered by the Council.  No questions can be put to individual Councillors.
  6. When your question is read out, the President or Presiding Member will answer directly or invite a staff member with special knowledge to answer in her place.  However, it is more likely that the question will have to be researched, in which case the President or Presiding Member will advise that the question will be received and that an answer will be forwarded in writing.
  7. To fill out the form, enter your name and address in the appropriate areas, together with details of any group you are representing, then write out your question.
  8. You will receive an automated response to advise that your question has been received by the Council Secretary.

If you have difficulty in, or are incapable of typing the question, Shire staff are available by phone to assist in this task.

We hope this assists you in the asking of your question and thank you for your interest and participation in the affairs of our Shire.

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