Online Form - Bush Fire Brigade PPE/PPC Request


As a method to reduce administrative burden and delays getting PPC/PPE to volunteers this online request module has been introduced. Please take the time to read all T&Cs below prior to submitting this form.

Terms and Conditions

  1. This request will only be valid if you are registered as a bush fire brigade member within the Shire of Dandaragan. If you are not a member please contact your local brigade, see Contact List . If you believe this request is warranted but you are not a brigade member please contact the Shires Emergency Management Coordinator following lodgement of this form. 
  2. The Shire reserves the right to deny this request if you cannot be verified against brigade records.
  3. The Shire expects you to utilise the PPC/PPE in the correct manner when attending fires, use outside of fires or brigade related activities is not permitted.
  4. Some items may be subject to order limits per annum and subsequent requests may be denied without valid warranty that the originally supplied PPC/PPE has been subject to fair wear and tear.
  5. One form is to be submitted per person requesting.