Environmental Management

Northern Agricultural Catchments Council (NACC) Programs

Coast & marine Program

Current Projects:

  • Cervantes Pyp Grass Management Project - View the Cervantes Pyp Grass Management Plan here
  • Jurien Bay Pyp Grass Management Project - View the Jurien Bay Pyp Grass Management Plan here
  • Coastal Grants - contact the NACC Coast and Marine team for more information
  • Kalbarri to Guilderton Beach Photo Monitoring Programs - View the Beach Monitoring Manual here.  View the Geraldton Beach Monitoring Photo's here.

    Follow the local NACC/Shire of Dandaragan coastal photo monitoring program here.

    Photo Monitoring Programs 1Photo Monitoring Programs 2 

  • Beach Clean Ups and Data Collection
  • Beach Wrack - View the information sheet here - Listen to NACC's Dr Mic Payne talking about beach wrack here
  • Native Garden Guides and Workshops - View more information here
  • Gingin to Dandaragan Coastal Hazard Risk Management - View the Sea Level Change in Western Australia: Application to Coastal Planning here
    The Shire of Dandaragan, Shire of Gingin and the NACC have formed a partnership that will help communities from Guilderton to Jurien Bay take the first steps in preparing for coastal hazards such as inundation and long term erosion. The Shire of Dandaragan's Council adopted Coastal Hazard Risk Management and Adaptation Plan can be viewed under the "Town Planning" tab on this website.  

State NRM Program

Biodiversity Links: mid-west and southern rangelands

Rivers and Wetlands project

The project aims to restore vegetation along rivers, creeks and wetlands by providing landholders with funding support for fencing, weed control and revegetation, and installation of alternative watering points and stock crossings. Expressions of interest are being sought from landholders interested in participating in the project, dependent upon eligibility, including a minimum area of 5ha for restoration is required.

Example of River and Wetlands Projects 1Example of River and Wetlands Projects 2
Examples of Rivers and wetlands projects

Hidden Treasures Project

This project aims to protect the habitat of threatened flora and fauna and areas of priority remnant native vegetation in the Northern Agricultural Region (NAR).  The project aims to increase connectivity at the local, catchment and landscape scale and protect priority flora and fauna species and ecological communities.  Subject to the project’s site criteria, incentives will be provided to landholders to undertake fencing to protect and restore high value remnant vegetation, prioritising areas containing threatened flora, fauna and/or ecological communities. 

Hidden Treasures Project 1Hidden Treasures Project 2