Community Group Information

Register your group with the Shire

The Shire of Dandaragan requests that all community groups and clubs complete the Notification of Office Bearers form each year to ensure that Council records are correct.


Become a volunteer

Be somebody; be a volunteer!

Do you have time to spare?

It’s fun... it’s satisfying... it’s helping... it’s learning... it’s working... it’s challenging... it’s caring... it’s sharing... it’s living... Best of all it’s easy!

Volunteering is an activity which takes lots of different forms: formal or informal, individual or in groups, inside or outdoors, locally or overseas. Volunteering is an activity which can suit every lifestyle, ability, interest and skill, while also having lots of fun in the process!

The activity of volunteering, or helping a community group of your own free will, can be described by a variety of terms: community service, activism, good samaritan, pro bono work, civic engagement - the list goes on.

 Whatever term is used, all volunteering is undertaken:

  • to benefit the community and the volunteer
  • of the volunteer's own free will
  • for no financial payment

Volunteer today

Insurance - Community Groups & Clubs

Local Government Insurance Services is the unifying name for the dedicated insurance services managed by Jardine Lloyd Thompson Pty Ltd. Local Community Insurance Servcies (LCIS) is focused on meeting the insurance needs of Community Groups.

Community groups, committees, associations, special interest groups, general sporting groups, markets and community based businesses are invited to access insurance information from a specialist insurance provider focusing on Community Groups, Sporting Clubs and not-for profit groups.

Local Community Insurance Services


The insurance covers outlined here have been specifically designed for clubs and community groups, are broad in the benefits offered and competitively priced.

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability provides a group with coverage against having to pay compensation for bodily injury and property damage to somebody as a result of something that happens from your negligence or the negligence of your members, including voluntary workers, assisting the group.

Association & Officials Liability Insurance

This insurance will provide an indemnity to the club or community group and its Committee Members, Officials and Officers in respect of claims made against them jointly or individually arising from any “Wrongful Act” committed or allegedly committed by them in their capacity as an Office Bearer of the club, association or community group.

Personal Accident – Volunteer Workers Insurance

Volunteers Workers Insurance will provide Volunteer Workers, Committee Persons, Board Members and all other elected officials with financial compensation should such persons sustain personal injury whilst working for and on behalf of a club or community group.

Business Pack Insurance

Business pack insurance includes the following options: Fire and Other Insured Events, Business Interruption Insurance, Burglary and Theft Insurance, Money Insurance, Glass Insurance, Marine Insurance, AND Machinery Breakdown Insurance.


To obtain a quote on line or obtain further information click on the following link


If you would like to make enquiries with Local Community Insurance Services (LCIS) about insurance for your community group or are unable to obtain a quote through the online system you may wish to call by phone 1300 853 800 or fax 08 8235 6448.

When calling, you will need to explain about your group's main activities.  Some of the following questions may be asked to better understand what your community or club does.

  • What do you do?
  • How many members do you have?
  • What is your annual turnover?
  • Where are you located?
  • What is your claims history and who has been your insurer over the past 5 years?