My vision is to see the Shire continue to grow.  Over the past nine years I have seen the towns prosper due to good management by the Council of its resources.  I want to ensure that this continues to happen in a sustainable way, having due regard for the history and unique culture that exists in our area.


As the instigator of the first Shire of Dandaragan Youth Plan I am pleased that some of the projects that evolved from the plan have come to fruition.  The Jurien Bay Regional Skate Park, the Dandaragan Community Pump Track.  These were great outcomes but there is still more to do.  I am always passionate about making sure youth are engaged and able to succeed in their communities.


The creation of the Economic and Tourism Development Plan provides the environment to create jobs and deliver better services to the towns and hinterland.  Dandaragan has been very successful in attracting green energy programs and is well placed to continue to be a major energy provider into the future.


The Shire has a diverse economy incorporating primary industries (agriculture, fishing), mining, energy, retail, hospitality, and tourism.  As your local Councillor I am keen to foster these industries and explore opportunities to expand our economy to create jobs and make our town scapes more liveable.


The Sport and Recreation Precinct Master Planning in each of the four towns is now underway with the Plan for Cervantes already completed and Jurien Bay in progress.  Dandaragan and Badgingarra will follow.  These plans are vital to ensure that the Council has the ground work completed so when funding becomes available through Federal and State Governments, Dandaragan is ready to capitalise on these funding opportunities.


I look forward to representing your views as a Councillor in the Shire of Dandaragan.


Tony O’Gorman