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The name 'Dandaragan' was first recorded in 1850 as the name of a nearby gully and spring or watering hole known as 'Dandaraga Spring'. The word is indigenous Australian in origin and is thought to mean 'good kangaroo country'. The first recorded land lease was to William Brockman in 1848 with a 6,000 acre land lease at Muchamulla Springs. James Drummond settled in the area in 1850 and established a farm. The townsite was gazetted in 1958.

Aggie's Cottage

Wolba Cottage or Aggie’s Cottage, ‘Wolba Wolba’, Badgingara Road, Dandaragan

Now owned by the Shire of Dandaragan, Aggie’s Cottage is used by local historical and craft groups and run by a local management committee. This brick, stone and iron cottage was erected around 1871 on land which was originally taken up by Thomas Jones. The surrounding area also became an important campsite during World War II when the army carried out extensive training exercises in the district.

This magical location is unique to the Shire of Dandaragan and the region as a whole.  Community groups host a number of events throughout the year that are open to the public in their quest to raise funds to better facilitate ‘Aggies Cottage’ for the community and for future generations.


St Anne's Church

Located south of town on Moora-Caro Road, this charming Anglican Church was constructed between 1885 and 1887 and is constructed of local soap stone which came from ‘Kayanaba’, a nearby property.  This stone was soft when first quarried, so the blocks could be easily sawn into shape. Hardening occurred after contact with the air.

The building was opened as a church and school in 1888 and used for social gatherings and then, after 1890, for the Dandaragan Road Board meetings. Four extra rooms were added on at the rear circa 1900 to provide suitable accommodation for the teacher. Classes were held there until 1948 when it was condemned for use as a school.


Pioneer Park

A recreational focal point in the town centre for visitors and residents alike featuring a transit caravan park with modern ablution block, gas BBQ's, gazebos, dump point and a Pioneers Memorial rotunda depicting the history of the district since 1843.


Award Winning Produce


As Western Australia's largest producer of certified organic beef, Dandaragan Organic Beef supply top quality, grass-fed beef without the use of hormones, antibiotics and chemicals.

At Dandaragan Organic Beef they believe in treating their cattle with respect, working in harmony with the land and delivering a sustainable product that is both healthy and tasty.

Dandaragan Organic Beef was the proud winner of the Keystart Home Loans Primary Producer of the Year Award at the WA Regional & Community Awards in October this year. To find out more about The Dandaragan Organic Beef operations or where to purchase this award winning product, follow the link below:


Dandaragan Organic Beef 1Dandaragan Organic Beef 2



The pristine environment of Australia goes hand in hand with its strong reputation for the production of quality food and agriculture. The wine industry has been the most recent to experience the impact of Australia's great natural assets and it was only a matter of time before Australia entered the large and established olive oil market. Olive growing is now the largest new horticultural industry in Australia.

Dandaragan Estate oils come from olives grown in the Moore River region in Western Australia, where olives have been grown since 1846. The Moore River region has a Mediterranean type climate ideal for growing premium quality olives, and Dandaragan Estate grows and harvests its own olives for blending into its award winning Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

For more information on Dandaragan Olive Oil follow the link provided:


Dandaragan Olive Oil 1Dandaragan Olive Oil 2Dandaragan Olive Oil 3


As a family owned and operated fresh fruits grower in Western Australia, AGRIFresh has expanded our business as one of the largest citrus producers, with the addition of stonefruits to our repertoire. Today, we are operating from two orchards, strategically located 200km north of Perth.

  • AGRIFresh Citrus: Located at Agaton Road, Badgingara, with 200ha for citrus production, including Navels and Mandarins;
  • AGRIFresh Summergold: Located at Muthawandery Road, Dandaragan, with 70ha under production for stonefruits including Peach, Nectarine, Plum and Apricot.

"Sharing the freshness of WA" is at the heart of AGRIFresh. We take a long term view of our expanding investments in citrus and stonefruits production, and we believe in sharing the long term benefits with our staff and the community.

For more information on AgriFresh follow the link provided:


Agrifresh 1Agrifresh 2




The project supports the creation of a new industry in Dandaragan. Historically used as a farming region for livestock, Dandaragan’s horticultural potential has not been realised. The developer proposed over a six year period, to develop 440 hectares into a mango and stone fruit orchards including a state-of-the-art packing facility. This development will be the first of its kind in Dandaragan’s history. Dandaragan has soil quality, water quality and temperate climatic conditions that are ideal for premium late season mango and premium early season stone fruit production.

The project has delivered jobs and economic development for the Central Midlands area of the Wheatbelt. It will assist in the diversification of the region’s economic base and provide benefits to the Western Australian horticultural sector through export market development.



North East Equity

This project consists of the establishment of 16 centre pivot irrigators, each with an area of 40 hectares for the growing of carrots.

The project has been operating for several years.

The product is cleaned, graded and packed on site for transport to the metropolitan area with a large portion of the product being exported overseas. It is estimated that approximately 1,500 tonnes of carrots per week are grown at the facility. 

The owner has installed ten wind turbines in order to reduce his power requirements. 

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