Welcome to Badgingarra

The name Badgingarra was Aboriginal in origin, 'Badgin' meaning Manna Gum which grew in the surrounding flats and 'garra' meaning water. While the Hill River area at Badgingarra was initially surveyed in the 1880's and the first freehold land purchased by William McNamara in 1895, it remained largely isolated and undeveloped. 

It was not until the early 1950's that this sense of isolation began to change and in September 1952 the then Midland Railway Company auctioned some 24,000 acres. The Lands Department made further releases in subsequent years, and was in such demand that interviews were conducted to determine the most suitable applicants. 

Vern Westbrook Walk Trail

The Vern Westbrook Heritage and Wildflower Trail is located 3.5km from the Brand Highway along the North-West Road. This community initiative, supported by the West Midlands Group, Badgingarra Community Association, Lotterywest and the Badgingarra Primary School, opens a window to WA’s unique flora and fauna as well as to the history of the area.

The first section of the trail is an easy 1.65km trail that winds through an area of unique biodiversity with plants, birds, lizards, insects and animals. Visitors can see the oldest plant types through to the most delicate orchids, the smallest insects to the largest birds. A second section continues on a 1.25km moderate walk trail and a final 800m more challenging hike to the top of the breakaway completes the trail.

Enjoy bridges, seasonal wildflowers, heritage sites and community art. Every season brings different varieties of wildflowers but August to September is the time they burst into profusion.


Badgingarra Natural Playground

Opened in June 2013 and located next to the Badgingarra Community Centre, the playground was designed by well known stone-mason and sculptor Bernhard Kaiser, who also designed nature playgrounds at Kings Park, Princess Margaret Hospital and Geraldton. Play activities include sand and water play areas, tyre hammocks, timber structures and a bush cubby.


Emu Downs Wind Farm

Emu Downs is accredited under the Australian Government's Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000 and as a Green Power Generator by the Sustainable Energy Development Authority.

Construction of the $180 million project commenced in 2005 and the project was commissioned in October 2006.

Emu Downs consists of 48 Vestas wind turbines (each 1.65MW generating capacity), a substation, interconnection to the main 132kV electricity grid, administration and stores buildings and a network of access roads. The wind farm is close to the coast, with a good quality wind resource that has increased wind speeds and reliability aligning with periods for peak power demand.

The wind farm provides electricity to run the Kwinana Desalination Plant, located 260km to the south, which turns water from the Indian Ocean into nearly 152 million litres of drinking water per day.

Access to the farm is located 12km south of Badgingarra on Bibby Road. Information boards onsite provide historical information and energy output data as you watch the turbines generate power amongst the fields of grazing cattle.


Iain Wilson Nature Trail

Starting opposite the Badgingarra Roadhouse west of Brand Highway the 2km trail takes about 90 minutes to complete and there is an optional 1.5km / 45 minute detour to add on as well. Bring your binoculars to truly appreciate the diverse range of seasonal flora and fauna.

Langs Lookout on Dinner Hill

Located 18km north east of Badgingarra on Watheroo West Road. The viewing area is marked out by a large rock and plaque commemorating local farmer, George Eliot Lang, who recognised the potential of the area he could see below and pressed the government of the day to open up the land for settlement in 1948. The lookout offers extensive vistas of the surrounding countryside.


Hi Vallee Farm

36km north of Brand Highway, follow Tootbardi Road for 5km. A 2000ha working sheep and wheat farm has a 350ha biodiversity hot spot with rare flora and fauna. More than 50 varieties of commercially grown wildflowers, sheep dog and shearing demonstrations, billy tea, natural bushland, bird-watching and camping available - bookings essential. Phone 08 9652 5035.

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