Economic Development Strategy

The Shire of Dandaragan has engaged PRACSYS to assist in formulating an Economic Development Strategy. The purpose of the strategy is to establish the guiding principles, goals and strategic initiatives that encourage growth in targeted industries, delivering economic and social benefits for the Shire community.

Economic Development is a transformative process that focuses on job and wealth creation to improve quality of life outcomes within the Shire boundaries. It encompasses much broader goals than economic growth, which is concerned merely with growing the size of the economy.

Business in the Shire is the main driver of economic development through the creation of wealth, jobs and opportunities. Decisions made by the Council influence the local economy and business environment which then drives economic outcomes for the whole community.

The Shire of Dandaragan is required to have clear justification for active participation or intervention that is guided by the needs of business and the broader community through job creation, skills development, increased revenue, local amenity and the creation of vibrant places.