Major Events Grants

Events are recognised by Council as a driver to encourage greater visitation to the Shire and to showcase the Shire as a desirable destination to live and visit They assist with the development of a robust and prosperous economy and tourism industry and are an important contributor to the creation of vibrant places and an inclusive community. 

The Shire will actively engage with and assist event organisers in the creation and coordination of major events to compliment the Shire’s existing range of smaller scale community events. An amount of $30,000 will be budgeted each year to assist event organisers to establish their event in the Shire. 

Shire of Dandaragan Major Events Grants now closed

To be eligible for this grant, the event must attract State-wide and/or national and international visitors; have a demonstrated economic benefit to the local economy; and widely promote the profile of Shire of Dandaragan. 

The maximum grant for any one organisation in any financial year payable under this funding program will be $10,000.  

Major Events grants will be evaluated in accordance with the following criteria.  

Extent to which event increases visitation, tourism and economic benefit to the local community with a preference for events held in off-peak periods.


Extent to which event generates interest and lifts the profile, brand and reputation of the town, Shire or region throughout Western Australia, Australia and internationally. Factors here will include anticipated numbers of State, national and international participants, support teams, spectators, and visitors; length of stay; and estimated daily expenditure.


Extent to which the applicant is contributing or leveraging other sources of financial or in-kind resources to the event; the planned exposure of the event through media; and signage/branding presence of the Shire at the event, in promotional material and on official merchandise.


Extent to which event contributes to the celebration of a diverse range of local tourism products. 


Funding will be deemed ineligible for the following:

  • applications that are eligible for the Shire of Dandaragan / Tronox Management Fund or Community Sport Recreation Facilities Fund (CSRFF)
  • applications that are eligible for the Shire of Dandaragan Minor Events Community Grant
  • political organisations or events
  • events that have little or no demonstrable community benefit and in the Shire’s view are for the sole purpose of marketing a commercial enterprise
  • any activity or project already underway or completed
  • events or activities that are the responsibility of another level of government
  •  for the openings or celebration of new community groups or premises
  • for applicants seeking to host an event for the specific purpose of raising funds for re-distribution to other non-profit community groups/clubs or charitable causes. 

If you would like to discuss your project idea or require further information on funding opportunities, please contact the Economic Development Manager at the Shire of Dandaragan Administration Office on (08) 9652 0800 or email

This round of grants closed at 4pm Thursday 30 June 2022 and grants will be allocated in August.

The application form is available at the links below:

Shire of Dandaragan Major Events Grants Application form (PDF)
Shire of Dandaragan Major Events Grants Application form (Word)

2021/22 Recipients

Community Group / Organisation Event Grant $
Jurien Bay Camera Club Photowest $4,000
Sports Performance - All Bar None Favourite Island Swim $10,000
Sports Performance - All Bar None Wildflower Festival of Running $7,000
Total $21,000

2022/23 Recipient