Published: Tuesday, 22 May 2018 at 10:22:02 AM

Last month an item was brought to Council to discuss the illegal dumping of domestic waste in Jurien Bay - waste originating from vacant and shed-only properties in Jurien Bay Heights, where currently bin services and rural waste facility passes are not compulsory. This has resulted in dumping of domestic waste in bins and skips designated for recreational use, or illegal dumping of waste outside of bins in other areas in Jurien Bay.

This is not only an eye-sore to residents and visitors to Jurien Bay and has an impact on the environment, but also means that the majority of ratepayers are paying for waste disposal for those who don't - in particular, properties that don't contain dwellings but are being used regularly by their owners and friends to camp on. Rather than pay the prescribed tip fee, owners of these properties are filling and overflowing recreation bins and dumping waste illegally.

The provision of waste services is a 'user-pays' system in the Shire, and is not funded by general rates revenue or grant income. The Shire would like to ensure that ratepayers who pay the waste charge are not subsidising Jurien Bay Heights properties who are generating waste without paying waste fees.

During the budget adoption process, Council will decide on whether properties zoned Rural Residential / Special Use Rural Development and those with vacant blocks or blocks with non-habitable sheds in Jurien Bay Heights / Alta Mare and other Rural Residential / Special Use Rural Development estates should be provided with a waste service similar to rural properties, where they pay an annual charge that allows them to take the equivalent of one (1) sulo bin worth of domestic waste to the waste facility site weekly and be issued with an additional four (4) tip passes. It is expected that this would result in a very modest reduction to existing rubbish service charges.

The decision to be made will involve expanding the definition in legislation related to what type of building would support compulsory provision of waste disposal in these sub-divisions.
The Shire is aiming for a fair decision where ratepayers pay for the waste that is created from their property, where our recreation bins are not constantly overflowing, and rubbish isn't dumped illegally and ending up in our beautiful environment.

If you would like to discuss the matter, please contact 9652 0800 or chat with one of your Councillors.

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