Safety Measures to Jurien Bay Jetty in lead up to Christmas Holidays

Published on Monday, 21 December 2020 at 5:01:32 PM

We know how beloved the Jurien Bay jetty, in particular for kids to jump off. However, due to natural accretion and the change in water depth, for the safety of the public, the water access ladder partway along the Jurien Bay jetty has been removed.
The presence of the water access ladder at this location gives the impression that water depth is suitably deep enough to jump into from the jetty. Unfortunately, the current water levels mean this is currently not the case. Water depths along the Jetty, combined with heights above the water, are unsuitable for the purpose of diving and jumping into the water.
An access ladder located on the platform at the end of the jetty is available for use, however jumping is not encouraged at any point along the jetty. Safety signage will be erected prior to Christmas.

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