Published: Friday, 25 May 2018 at 2:44:37 PM




Notice is hereby given that the Shire of Dandaragan is currently advertising a Revised Draft Local Planning Policy to provide direction and guidance on the use of single dwellings, grouped dwellings or multiple dwellings for commercial holiday homes in Residential zoned areas of Cervantes and Jurien Bay. This policy intends to help protect consumers, support the local tourism industry and avoid conflict between holiday users and permanent residents through the use of development approvals and registration.

The Shire of Dandaragan would like to thank everyone who made a submission on the previous draft version of the policy. All submissions were considered in amending the policy. The Shire would like to clarify the following concerns/comments raised by the initial draft policy.

The policy is exclusively aimed at the land use of holiday homes in Residential zoned properties of Cervantes and Jurien Bay where such a use class is a discretionary (D) use. This means the local government must exercise discretion in granting planning approval. Stakeholders have noted such approval has never been required until now. However, Council resolved on 22 February 2018 based on the strategic recommendations of the Local Tourism Planning Strategy and Shire staff knowledge of over 100 Residential zoned holidays homes operating commercially within the two town sites it is now time to formulate a Local Planning Policy to inform applicants of the requirements to be met prior to the lodgement of a planning application and ongoing management post approval. Similarly, the process will be streamlined through clear delegation to Shire staff to approve applications based on compliance with the policy standards.

In no shape or form will planning approval for the use of a Residential zoned dwelling(s) as a holiday home result in a change to property rates. Property rates are exclusively based on the gross annual rental that the land might reasonably be expected to realise if let on a tenancy from year to year upon condition that the landlord were liable for all rates, taxes and other charges thereon and the insurance and other outgoings necessary to maintain the value of the land.

It is proposed all planning approvals for holiday homes shall expire on 31 July each year. Invoices for the annual renewal fees of planning approval will be mailed to applicants on 1 July each year. For renewal, invoices are required to be paid before the 31 July expiry date. The first annual renewal fees will be waived for holiday homes which receive initial planning within six (6) months of 31 July in the same calendar year.

A copy of the Revised Draft Local Planning Policy can be located by clicking on the below link or requested on (08) 9652 0800, emailing council@dandaragan.wa.gov.au or available for viewing at the Jurien Bay Administration Centre, 69 Bashford Street.

Revised Draft Local Planning Policy 8:13 Holiday Homes.docx

Submissions on the Draft Local Planning Policy may be made in writing to be lodged with the undersigned on or before 4:00pm Friday 29th June 2018.

Brent Bailey

Chief Executive Officer

Shire of Dandaragan

PO Box 676

JURIEN BAY   WA   6516


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