Published: Thursday, 2 August 2018 at 1:49:06 PM

We are pleased to release this year’s road infrastructure budget. We have continued to prioritise rural roads to keep them as safe as possible for those visiting, living and working throughout the Shire.  The following works are included in this year’s budget:


  • Coalara Road - Gravel resheet
  • Marchagee Track - Gravel resheet
  • Mazza Road - Gravel resheet
  • Cantabilling Road - Gravel resheet
  • Yerramullah Road - Gravel resheet
  • Cowalla Road - Gravel resheet
  • Meagher Road - Detailed design of the intersections at North West Road and Brand Highway for RAV access


  • Santander Way – Reconstruct, including asphalt, drainage and kerbing
  • Cordoba Way - Reconstruct, including asphalt, drainage and kerbing
  • Cervantes Community Centre - Carpark reseal


  • Minyulo Road - Gravel resheet
  • Waddi Road - Gravel resheet
  • Kolburn Road - Improve drainage
  • Dandaragan Road – Reconstruct to 8m seal
  • Dandaragan Road - Final seal
  • Rowes Road – Reconstruct to 8m seal


  • Banovich Road - Gravel resheet
  • Jurien East Road (Final seal) – 14mm reseal
  • Jurien East Road – Reconstruct to 8m seal
  • Airstrip Road – Reconstruct and seal
  • Beachridge Tree Box Solution - Continuation of seal program
  • Turquoise Way - Staged replacement
  • Sandy Cape Road - Gravel resheet
  • Bashford Street (Roberts to Doust and Hastings to Seaward) - Share-use paths                                                                                                                                           

Note - We have taken advantage of smaller external grants to push footpaths to the edge of road reserves along Bashford Street to align with the plans within the Jurien Bay City Centre Strategy. These shared used paths will be completed to align with future external funding to deliver the major civil works component of the project.

  • Munbinea Road - Detailed design and design audit of identified safety blackspot locations at the intersections of Jurien East and Black Arrow roads. This is the required first stage in applying for Main Roads WA funding to reconstruct these intersections in a future financial year.


  • Gillingarra Road - Gravel resheet

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