Posted on: Tuesday, 2 January 2018 at 4:59:48 PM

Key Recommendation in 5-Year Business Plan suggests name change to anchor business name to building location

The Turquoise Coast Visitor Centre Business Plan (5-Year Plan 2016-2021) was prepared by tourism consultants from Economic Transitions and Wanderlust Communications in late 2016. The document was received by Council at their meeting 23rd March 2017 and a decision to create a 'Visitor Centre Working Group' was made. 

The working group was subsequently established following an open call for applicants to join. All nominations received were accepted to the group, comprising of 2 Councillors, 2 local business representatives, 2 community representatives, 1 Parks and Wildlife Service representative and 1 community / business representative, as well as a Shire staff member. 

From the group's Terms of Reference, the role of the working group is "to review and develop the Business Plan and provide recommendations to Council on the future direction of tourism services at the Turquoise Coast Visitor Centre". 

As the working group continues to assess the Business Plan's Key Recommendations, the first recommendation to change the name of the visitor centre was submitted to Council for endorsement at their meeting on 21st December 2017. The decision was to defer the item, as follows:

Moved Cr Scharf, seconded Cr Eyre 
"That the recommendation to change the name of the Turquoise Coast Visitor Centre to the Jurien Bay Visitor Centre be referred back to the Visitor Centre Working Group for further consideration". Reason: further consultation is required with the Chambers of Commerce and the broader business and Shire communities. 

The recommendation made by the working group supports the overview provided in the Business Plan (page 50) as follows:

Visitor centre use is driven by situation. Most tourists will stop at Visitor Centres if they require information, and most stops are pre-planned (Tourism Research Australia, 2015).

To encourage footfall and increase identification of a location, it is recommended that the Visitor Centre be branded as the Jurien Bay Visitor Centre to be anchored to a 'location' to have a clear communication with tourists. Any marketing materials produced, or online assets such as the website can use the overarching brand of Turquoise Coast. 

Although the Visitor Centre will be named Jurien Bay Visitor Centre, all branding should still be anchored around Turquoise Coast. This is especially important online. There is currently a Turquoise Coast website and a Shire website with a tourism section

Please note: Since the above report was released a new visitor centre website has been created at that replaces the above mentioned websites

The working group will meet again towards the end of January 2017 and will further discuss the recommendation, ahead of the item being taken back to Council in February 2017 (pending a reviewed decision for or against the name change by the working group). 

Public comment on the proposal is welcomed and will be referred to the working group and to Council as part of their considerations. 

For further information and to see the report in its' entirety, please see here.

Any comments can be submitted in writing by 5.00pm Monday 29th January 2018 to:

Alison Slyns, Economic Development Coordinator - Shire of Dandaragan
PO Box 676 Jurien Bay WA 6516
In person at the Turquoise Coast Visitor Centre, 67 Bashford Street, Jurien Bay WA 6516

Telephone enquiries (08) 9652 0800.

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