Posted on: Tuesday, 12 September 2017 at 4:54:01 PM

In response to some requests for information regarding the Proposed Development Application received by Council related to Lot 62 Roberts Street and part of Heaton Street Road Reserve, please see further information from Council Meetings from 17 February 2011, 15 December 2011, and 27 September 2012 (linked below).

 Councillors reviewed the original development proposal in 2011 and 2012 and at that time requested further information from the proponent, and considered the concerns raised at community consultation meetings and a six week public comment period.  Issues raised and considered by Council at that time included (but was not limited to):

-          any potential land swap take into account access for members of the public to the site via a promenade to the jetty;

-          additional foreshore public spaces (for public amenity and cultural events) are planned and are accessible and easy to use;

-          parking be available along Roberts, Heaton and Sandpiper Streets;

-          ability for Council to accept a cash in lieu payment for any shortfall in car parking (for future projects in the area)

-          the scale of the development and its' appropriateness for the site.

The zoning of the land was finalised in 2015, and the developers have resubmitted a similar proposal to the original for further comments and planning assessment.  The Shire has also requested further comments from affected government agencies as well as the community.

Due to strong community interest in the proposal, the Shire has decided to extend the advertising period on the project until Friday 29th September.  This extension is now reflected on the Shire’s website.

Councillors will be considering the current application and the above issues raised when the item is presented to Council at the October/November 2017 Council Meeting in Jurien Bay.

For any further queries, please contact Shire Planning Staff on 9652 0800.

The following items should be read in conjunction with each other:

Agenda Item 9.4.3 Proposed Hotel and Residential Resort Development - Lot 62 Roberts Street, Jurien Bay (17 February 2011)

Agenda Item 9.4.1 Proposed Hotel and Residential Resort Development - Lot 62 Roberts Street, Jurien Bay (15 December 2011)

Agenda Item 9.4.4 Proposed Scheme Amendment No 21 (Rezoning) - Special Use - Lot 62 Roberts Street, Jurien Bay (27 September 2012)

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