Posted on: Tuesday, 1 August 2017 at 5:56:45 PM

In response to the recent article in the Craytales (issue 300), Staff and Councillors are aware of the issue of asbestos in the Jurien Town Hall.

The Shire's Asbestos Management Plan provides guidance on managing the risk to the public from asbestos in the community.

Recent inspections have shown that the material poses a very low risk to hall users or to the general public.

Staff and Council will continue to monitor the building and work with the Jurien Youth Group to ensure that they have an appropriate venue and that they are not placed at any risk.

Staff are in the process of obtaining quotes for the different options for the building: for repairs; replacement; or other options, such as looking into the future of the hall. These quotes and options will be taken to Council for discussion in the coming months.

Mr Tony Nottle
Chief Executive Officer

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