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4 May 2017

  Shires take steps to plan for coastal erosion

The Shires of Dandaragan and Gingin will release coastal erosion hazard maps and host community workshops in May, as part of an ongoing project to plan for the immediate and long term risks associated with coastal erosion.

 The project is being undertaken in accordance with State Planning Policy 2.6: Coastal Planning Policy, which outlines specific planning guidance for coastal managers across Western Australia. An important part of the process will be seeking community input on how the Shires might best manage foreseeable changes to coastlines within their boundaries.

“It is vital the community understands the changes occurring to our coastlines and to provide input on managing those changes into the future,” said Jeremy Edwards, CEO of the Shire of Gingin.

 Hazard mapping confirms that both public and private assets are vulnerable to coastal erosion over planning timeframes for 2030, 2070 and 2110.

 “The erosion hazard mapping confirms that the most vulnerable areas to coastal erosion over the short term (2030) are those where erosion is presently occurring,” said Mr Edwards. “Those areas that are vulnerable to coastal erosion over the longer term (2070 and 2110) are, unsurprisingly, the lower lying sandy landforms.”

“It’s important for the community to keep in mind that these maps do not predict future shoreline positions. They show areas that may experience coastal erosion over various timeframes and therefore, are extremely useful for planning purposes.”

Community engagement sessions will be held in each Shire on the last weekend of May (see details below). At the sessions, the community will have the opportunity to view and discuss the maps, provide information about the uses and values of coastal areas to inform future planning, and see examples of how other communities are adapting to coastal change. These sessions are open to all members of the public and participants will be asked to complete a feedback form at the session. The sessions will use a display format so that community members can arrive and leave at any time. Coastal engineers, marine scientists, planners and Shire representatives will be on hand to discuss the information in person.

“These sessions are an important step in the planning process,” said Tony Nottle, CEO of the Shire of Dandaragan. “The information gathered at these sessions will inform the next stages of the process, which is to begin identifying adaptation solutions for addressing coastal erosion. The sessions are open for three hours so we encourage everyone who can make it to come along and provide input, even if that’s just for 10 or 15 minutes. ”

 All information and an online feedback form will be provided on the Shires’ websites following the sessions, for community members who cannot attend the sessions.

 The Shire of Dandaragan Community Engagement Session date is:

 Saturday 27 May, from 11am to 2pm at the Shire of Dandaragan Jurien Bay Administration Centre, 69 Bashford St Jurien Bay 6516.

 Please note: The sessions will use a display format so that community members can arrive and leave at any time. There are no presentations or set agendas.

 The hazard maps and accompanying information are available at the Shires’ websites:

For more information contact Ashley Robb at

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For further information please contact the Chief Executive Officer, Tony Nottle on 9652 0800


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