Review of Dog Exercise Areas in Cervantes and Jurien Bay

The Shire is seeking feedback from the community to help guide the planning and management of designated off-leash dog exercise areas within Cervantes and Jurien Bay. Currently there are only two beach areas within both towns which legally permit off-leash dog exercising. 

You are invited to have your say on what Shire managed public open spaces/parks should be designated as off-leash dog exercise areas. Suggestions are welcomed by commenting on this page, via our Facebook post, or by email to by 5pm Wednesday 31 March 2021.


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Consider the beach nesting and migratory shorebird hotspots

Migratory shorebirds have flown 10,000km to reach our shores to feast over our Summer months before flying back to the Northern Hemisphere. Please consider these hotspots when making a decision on off-leash areas. It is well documented that off-leash dogs cause greater disturbance to the birds than a dog on a lead. At the same time I believe there should be off-leash areas at appropriate beaches and areas within the town sites. It's just a balance. I would prefer on-leash areas to be where all the people are, concentrating the disturbance to those areas but I can understand that people may want to lay on the beach without a wet dog shaking near them. Over east dog beaches are not common.

Posted: 17/02/2021 9:58:34 AM

Early exercise

‘Off peak’ dog beach access often works well. Perhaps you could consider before 7am and after 7pm dogs permitted at any beach. In addition you could look at total exclusion zones at certain busy areas - my recommendation would be 500m either side of the Jurien Jetty. Jurien at the peak of summer holidays can be busy at the beach but often during the cooler months the beaches are often empty.

Posted: 5/02/2021 10:41:03 AM

Carvantes Dog Friendly Areas

I don't believe that there is a problem at all with people letting their dogs off the lead at any of Cervantes beaches, with the exception of the swimming area in front of the Park next to the campsite. If you exclude that, it doesn't leave a lot of accessible beach where you can run a dog as you have the National Park to the South, and there is no vehicular access to the beaches to the North. I've lived in Cervantes for over ten years and moved there to escape the red tape and petty bureaucracy of the city. Let's leave Cervantes free of red tape and silly rules, and let common sense prevail. Dog off leads should be kept under control and should not be allowed in parks with childrens playgrounds or on the swimming beach. Other than that they should be allowed as long as the owners can control them.

Posted: 2/02/2021 10:54:52 AM

Cervantes Beaches

This is a reply to Carvantes Dog Friendly Areas

I have been taking my dogs to the beach for over 15 years. I only take them outside of school holidays and long weekends, when outside people come to town. There hasn't been a problem otherwise. Don't punish the locals.

Posted: 17/02/2021 9:58:08 AM

Review of Dog exercise areas, Jurien Bay

Passamanni Park Point Beach off Lesueur Drive North of the marina All to be considered or kept as unleaded dog exercise areas.

Posted: 2/02/2021 10:55:08 AM

Dog of leash areas (Jurien )

These areas don’t get policed anyway, the amount of dogs on the non dog beach is ridiculous (jetty area and North of it to the Marina (Hasting st). So asking the public for comments seems a waste of time. In saying that I think the two dog beach areas that we have a present is plenty, especially when the town is full on the weekends. Maybe more signage telling people where they can and can’t take theirs dogs, especially along the walk path as people access the beach along there with their dogs.

Posted: 2/02/2021 10:55:34 AM