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The Shire of Dandaragan’s Building Services Department ensures buildings, both existing and proposed are compliant with the Building Code of Australia and related associated Australian Standards.

These regulations exist to ensure acceptable standards of structural sufficiency, fire safety, health and amenity are maintained in all building work within the Built Environment.

The Building Services Department is responsible for administering and enforcing building regulations to avert or minimise the risk of danger to health and safety from sub-standard building work.

For further information contact Shire's Building Services Department on 08 9652 0800.

Development Guidelines - Alta Mare, Jurien Bay Heights & Marine Fields

Alta Mare Development Guidelines

Alta Mare is within the Rural Residential Zone as prescribed under the Shire of Dandaragan Local Planning Scheme No.7.

Click here to download the Alta Mare Development Guidelines.


Click here to download the Beachridge Estate Residential Design Guidelines.

Jurien Bay Heights Development Guildelines

Jurien Bay Heights is within a Special Use - Rural Devlopment as prescribed under the Shire of Dandaragan Local Planning Scheme No.7.

Click here to download the Jurien Bay Heights Development Guidelines.

Marine Fields / Hill River Heights

Marine Fields / Hill River Heights are within the Rural Residential zone as prescrived under the Shire of Dandaragan Local Planning Scheme No.7.

Click here to download the Marine Fields / Hill River Heights Guidelines.

Sign Licences

The Building Department can advise you on how to prepare and make an application for a Sign Licence.

Control of signage is important for safety as well as for visual amenity. If you are considering placing a sign on your property whether it be commercial, industrial or residential, please contact our staff who can provide you with application forms, design guidelines and advice about how best to create the sign you want. Click here for Guidelines and forms.

Building Licence Applications - Verge Security Bonds

The Shire of Dandaragan has adopted a policy of imposing a verge security bond in relation to the issue of building licences.  The reason for this is that the cost of repair and reinstatement to the street infrastructure as a result of new construction being undertaken on adjacent street lots, is no longer sustainable by Council.

The bond required to be submitted is;

Building Licence Applications - Bond Requirements
Security Deposit – Residential (including B/G Swimming Pools) $500.00 N/A
Security Deposit – Commercial & Industrial, rolling bond per builder $2,000.00 N/A

To avoid delays in the approval process, please include the bond amount with the normal building fees upon submission of your application.

Included with the issued building licence will be an Application for Refund form, with the required particulars already inserted.  This can simply be signed and dated by the Builder for return to Council’s Infrastructure Services upon completion of construction for refund of the bond held.  The bond only, will be refunded upon final inspection where no damage is observed, the inspection fee will be retained by Council.

Some important notes that may assist;

  1. The bond can only be paid by the Builder, and refunded back to the Builder.
  2. A site inspection will be undertaken by Council’s Technical Services at the time of licence issue, with photographs taken and stored for future reference.
  3. On receipt of an application for refund, an additional site inspection will be undertaken, and if no damage is observed, a refund authorised.

If you have any queries or wish to confirm that this bond is applicable to your project, please contact the Council’s Building Department on (08) 9652 0800.

Building Forms & Fees

The Shire of Dandaragan will only accept Applications for Building Permit where the application form has been downloaded from the Building Commission website located at:

This applies to both Certified and Uncertified applications, Application for Building Approval Certificates, also applications for Demolition permit.

Guidance notes explaining how to complete these forms are located next to the applicable document, on the same website.

Click here for Building Fees as at the 1 July 2017.  These fees are subject to change each year
Please Note: The Shire of Dandaragan does not accept online applications. Where required original signed documentation and applications may be submitted in person at the Council offices or an application with fees may be posted to Council. Incomplete or sub-standard applications may be returned to the applicant without fee refund.

Guidelines for Crossovers

To view the Guidelines for Crossovers for your particular lot, (whether it be Urban (Residential) or Commercial / Industrial etc.) click the relevant guideline in the following links

Commercial / Industrial click here

Special Rural Lots click here,

Urban (Residential) click here 

Rural Lots click here

Click here for drawing diagrams DN-01 - DN-06 types for crossovers.

Additional Links

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For a list of other building approval forms and guides - Click here (external website).

To speak with the Shire of Dandaragan Manager Building Services, please call 9652 0800.

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